The Bridge: Turner & Coca-Cola Help Startups Bring Innovations to Market

Imagine being able to have a 360-degree immersive view of the next NASA rocket launch, one where you practically touch the controls. Or, imagine if you were in control of your broadcast experience and could use your phone to zoom in on your favorite basketball player during a game and follow him. These are the kinds of innovations Turner is garnering through The Bridge program, a commercialization initiative for technology startups that acts as a bridge between the entrepreneurial community and major global markets

Turner and The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) are partners in The Bridge program in Atlanta. Through The Bridge, Turner and TCCC get help solving real problems that are day-to-day issues within our companies, while startups get help presenting their products to and connecting with well-established global companies.

The most recent group of startups shared their technologies at the Innovation Showcase at TCCC’s World Headquarters in Atlanta. The event was a huge success and exciting opportunity for Turner employees to spend a day learning about new technologies. Speakers from Turner and TCCC joined together to discuss the importance of innovation and how each startup contributes to pushing the digital industry forward.

In his opening remarks, Turner Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Legg discussed the importance of new technology as it relates to the ever-changing media landscape. Sharing the stage was Pete Scott, VP, Emerging Media and Innovation, who helped bring the Bridge program to Turner.

2016 Bridge Companies Working with Turner
Two of The Bridge companies, Byond and Pixellot, are already helping Turner evolve its business offerings.











Byond offers a platform as a service to create content-rich, immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences. Led by CEO Noam Levavi, Byond is working with CNN to deliver VR across multiple devices and platforms. Virtual reality requires a headset, but that doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Levavi and others who are expecting VR headsets to be big sellers this holiday season.

According to Levavi, “Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony and other giants plan to release their VR platforms in the next few months and the adoption will begin this holiday season! This new computing platform will transform the way we consume content and bring us whole new worlds of experiences and sensations. Our tools empower brands and media companies to create interactive VR experiences for their audience and publish them across all VR platforms.”

The technology allows companies like Turner to not only build virtual environments, but also to personalize them based on content, user preferences and behaviors. According to Edward Thomas, CNN Senior Product Manager, Mobile & TV Apps, CNN is using Byond’s content management platform and publishing toolkit, “to take users where the news is. We’re not just showing them what’s happening, but letting them experience it first hand, whether it’s a NASA rocket launch or the battle-scared streets of Aleppo, we’ll be able to take our users there. Even more importantly, our editors will be able to manage and control what’s published, in real time, from our end, giving us tremendous flexibility and complete control over how we’re telling news stories.”

Pixellot provides fully automated sportscasting solutions for the professional and amateur sports market, enabling clubs, venues and media companies to produce TV-grade sports content at an affordable price. Pixellot’s technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a single fixed rig.

The system can cover the entire field and offers a stitched panoramic image. The footage is made available to the end user, either as a webcast or as surround video for the second screen. Fans can enjoy an interactive viewing experience with the capability to navigate in time and space, as well as edit and share content.

Turner Sports captured more sights, sounds and fan excitement in’s 1st Tee Experience show. The show gave fans a special look at one of sports’ most intense and raucous atmospheres, the first tee amphitheater area at Hazeltine National Golf Club.

The digital-only live stream was available via and Ryder Cup apps (operated by Turner Sports). Coverage started 30 minutes prior to each session and followed every group teeing off over the course of the event’s three days.

The first-of-its-kind, dedicated 1st Tee Experience showcased the grandstand’s rowdy environment, from animated pro-USA and European fans, to special celebrity guests, player exchanges, interviews and live action.

Produced in collaboration between the PGA of America, Turner Sports and NBC Sports, the show used multi-camera Pixellot technology to stitch together four unmanned camera angles to deliver the program’s definitive video coverage.

Byond and Pixellot are the 2016 Bridge startups that are helping Turner innovate and deliver on real business challenges. They, as part of The Bridge program, give us new ways to think about business and new technologies to revolutionize our industry. Look for evolving technical capabilities and excitement as a result of our partnerships with both companies in the coming months.


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