Turner Ignite Sports Will Re-Imagine Marketing to Sports Fans

Editor’s note: The following blog is a guest post from Will Funk, Executive Vice President of Sales and Property Sponsorships, Turner Sports.

Brand teams are uniquely qualified to understand how the rules of marketing and advertising have changed forever. The playbook for reaching consumers, not to mention actually engaging with them, continues to be rewritten.

The process requires a marketer to navigate a meandering path through vast agency networks, middle men, layers of technology and mountains of data.

And you have to pay all of them, for strategy, consulting, creative ideation, production, talent, distribution, intellectual property rights and the list goes on. The landscape has become a labyrinth of marketing services, intellectual property, content distributors and publishers.

We think there’s a better way of doing business in today’s world.

We’re excited to announce Turner Ignite Sports, which will deliver enhanced value and solutions directly to brands, mitigating the waste of working across multiple properties and agencies. Powered by our unrivaled line-up of properties, we will change the paradigm for sports and lifestyle marketers. These services will be blended with our owned and operated media scale to provide a better more streamlined way for advertisers to connect with consumers.

In addition to our existing infrastructure, Turner Sports Ignite has partnered with the best in class sports, entertainment, talent and advertising agencies in the world enabling us to deliver unlimited resources for our clients. And, we’ll continue to expand and exclusively represent the best properties and talent.

But, what really sets Turner Ignite Sports apart is flexibility. We’re not married to our own ecosystem. We believe what’s best for our clients is not being tied to a specific channel or conglomerate based on ownership or other partiality.

Turner Ignite Sports complements the existing award-winning Turner Ignite team, which for the last year has helped brand clients realize transformational opportunities that drive results through branded content, social optimization, audience targeting and other capabilities on Turner’s entertainment, news, and kids properties.

Turner Ignite Sports will feature four key areas of expertise:

Intellectual Property
Turner Sports licenses or owns, partners with, and has created some of the most globally recognized properties, including but not limited to the NCAA, March Madness, the College World Series, Bleacher Report and ELEAGUE.

Live Events and Experiential Marketing

Turner Sports is involved with the management, sales or production of nearly 1,000 live and experiential events every year, including March Madness Music Festivals, March Madness Fan Festivals, Bleacher Ball, CES Sports Business Innovation, and TNT Road Show.

Creative Services

In partnership with Turner Studios’ unrivaled pool of talent, Turner Ignite Sports will provide brands with a single partner to work with for commercial and branded content production that put sports fans at the center. Turner Ignite Sports joins with the award-winning resources within the Turner family that create engaging content for the company’s diverse genres and fan groups, including CNN’s Courageous, Team Coco Digital Studio, Adult Swim, and others. Whether long-form or short-form, or a traditional commercial spot, brand clients can create content that is authentic to and engages with audiences across Turner’s entire digital and TV portfolio.

Data Solutions 

Like all of Turner’s brands, Turner Ignite Sports taps into the award-winning data, analytics and technology solutions that empower advertisers with advanced targeting, distribution and optimization of content across all screens. This is inclusive of targeting an advertiser’s desired audiences on traditional television through TargetingNOW and AudienceNOW, as well as delivering engaged views in the social ecosystem through Turner’s Launchpad. The Turner Data Cloud ties it all together by enabling consistent targeting and optimization across TV, social, and digital.

We believe in creating powerful, long-term marketing partnerships rather than being confined by transactional relationships that stop and go because a sport’s season, event or show ends. Brands have a huge opportunity to be “always on”, in a genuine, contextually relevant way that adds value to the consumer experience and generates greater results for their business.

We believe in building memorable branded franchises that are without limitation and are platform agnostic.

We believe in collaboration over competition.

We believe that how we sell is as important as what we sell.

This is Turner Ignite Sports. Follow us on Twitter @TurnerIgnite.