World Premiere of "We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World"

CNN Films produced – “We Will Rise” -  a new film about girls overcoming incredible challenges to complete their education and change their own lives, with contributions from First Lady Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and CNN journalist Isha Sesay.  The film takes its name from the motivational, soulful anthem created by singer and Grammy nominee Andra Day. ‎  

“These girls are no less smart or deserving of an education than my own daughters -- or any of our sons and daughters. The only thing that separates them from our children is geography and luck." – Michelle Obama

Sesay, a native of Sierra Leone, who has passionately covered Africa and issues related to women and girls on the continent throughout her career, guides viewers for a moving and motivational journey for this poignant film.  In Marrakech, Sesay, the First Lady, Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, and Princess Lalla Salma met dozens of adolescent Moroccan girls who shared their dreams. 

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” Isha said, “People are going to be uplifted. They are going to meet some incredible young women facing some really difficult odds, but pushing forward nonetheless… when you hear their stories, when you hear how much they’re fighting and struggling, I’m telling you it’s going to steal your heart. It’s a beautiful project.”   

In Liberia, Sesay, Pinto, and Mrs. Obama met with several girls who told their extraordinary stories, including Raphina Feelee from Liberia and Rihab Boutadghart, who lives in a remote part of Morocco.

The First Lady penned an op-ed for, and in it she remarks:

 “Once you know these girls' stories, I think you'll find, as I have, that you simply can't walk away from them. After traveling the world as First Lady and meeting so many girls like Raphina and Rihab, I carry their hopes and their ambitions with me everywhere I go, and I plan to continue my work on their behalf not just for my final seven months as First Lady, but for the rest of my life. I hope you will join me in this mission.”

Watch the film here