Binge Party: How TBS's Search Party Brought Binge Watching to the Red Carpet

For Search Party, the latest of TBS's new breed of comedies, the network has set out to target the binge-watching crowd by rolling out the entire 10-episode first season over five consecutive nights. With its continuing storyline about a group of 20-something New Yorkers who become involved in the search for a missing woman, Search Party lent itself perfectly to such a condensed rollout.

Turner Employees Making a Difference

In 1998, Turner launched its first Turner Volunteer Day, a commitment to give employees globally an opportunity to give back and lend a helping hand to their local communities.

Good Behavior Premiere: “Wigging out” at the Roxy

If you're a Downton Abbey fan like me, you probably spent more than a few episodes longing to see one of the characters – say, Lady Mary, played so brilliantly by Michelle Dockery – finally cut loose from the all the genteel manners and stately etiquette and release the bad girl we always knew was lurking inside.

Mobile World Live Says: “CNN and Turner Jump All Over Mobile”

Turner Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Legg and CNN Digital Technologist and Strategist James Prolizo recently joined a discussion at Mobility Live – where more than 1,000 technologists gathered in Atlanta to explore the key trends impacting the mobile industry across multiple sectors. The event was hosted by GSMA (organizers of Mobile World Congress) and the Metro Atlanta Chamber.