Earth Week 2011

Thinking Green.

Subway train station.

We're always trying to improve our footprint.

Following the vision of our founder, the company has made it a priority to be environmentally responsible. We plan ongoing facilities improvements to conserve energy and water and organize company-wide recycling campaigns reduce waste on a large scale. From light bulbs to meeting arrangements, we continually strive to implement innovative strategies to reduce our impact on the environment.

Clean Air Commuter Program

Turner Broadcasting encourages employees to find green alternatives to their daily commute by providing a menu of environmentally responsible choices. Employees who participate in Turner's Clean Air Commuter Program* can select their preferred method of travel from a variety of options. These include a van-pool effort that matches groups of employees by neighborhood and provides van service for group transportation to and from the office; assistance in identifying carpool partners and special parking privileges for carpoolers; access to a Guaranteed Ride Home, a program that provides complimentary transportation if unforeseen circumstances such as working overtime or needing to pick up a sick child from school interfere with planned commute alternatives; and free weekly public transportation passes.

*Program offerings may differ from city-to-city.


Green Employee Task Force

Turner is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and the grassroots efforts of employees are a key component toward that effort. The employee task force is made up of passionate, committed employees who want to help create positive environmental change at Turner and in the world.

Conserving Resources

Turner Broadcasting runs comprehensive programs to conserve resources, including innovative strategies to reduce power and water consumption, broad recycling programs and targeted sourcing policies to reduce waste and to encourage the use of products made from recycled materials. From the recycling of video tapes as the company migrates to digital formats to the installation of new water waste-reduction technology, the company actively seeks innovative ways to reduce its impact on the environment.


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