Inclusion for us is AUTHENTIC, distinctive voices both on and off the air.

It’s people who SPEAK UP, confront the status quo and EMBRACE

CHANGE. And is a culture that encourages each of us to…


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Hiring and growing a wide range of diverse voices and perspectives behind the scenes is critical to our success as a media company. We’re proud of who we are today and openly acknowledge that we’re putting measures in place to do better in reflecting and representing the world around us.

It’s not just a goal or a value and it’s more than a concept or a feeling.

At Turner, we believe diversity and inclusion are BUSINESS IMPERATIVES.

In 2016...

Listened to our people
We built inclusion content into our leadership and development programs as well as Turner’s first two “Make You Matter” weeks, engaging thousands of employees globally. We've also leveraged our “Blue Sky” conversations - dedicated time when teams meet locally – to focus on unconscious bias, welcoming differences, and honest communication about where we can improve.

Stepped up training
To help understand unconscious bias – one of diversity’s toughest challenges – we launched specialized training for 800+ key employees around the globe, with the goal of expanding these learning experiences to at least half our employees within a year.

We believe identifying unconscious bias is a critical skill we can all use to choose different, to build deeper connections, and to gain a better understanding for one another’s perspectives and life experiences. Ultimately, we believe in building high performing teams that use their natural differences to enhance our inclusive culture.

Expanded our Partnerships
To help affect more meaningful change, we dedicated additional resources to partnerships through our Turner Voices program.

By working closely with groups like the Emma Bowen Foundation, The American Black Film Festival, 21st Century Leaders, The Posse Foundation, Alliance Theater, T-Howard Foundation, Girls Who Code and the Anita Borg Institute, we hope to promote stronger dialogue and diversity in the industry’s pipeline of emerging voices.


In 2017 we will...

Promote Transparency

An open, honest conversation about inclusion is vital to progress. We will continue to dedicate time and resources for employees to talk, listen and challenge themselves – and keep everyone up to speed on our progress. We’re formalizing programs across all our brands – from CNN to TBS, TNT and others - to launch a unified global search for diverse creative talent throughout the industry.

In the US We’re continuing our emphasis on conscious inclusion learning experiences, re-aligning our 9 business resource groups to strategic business & culture efforts and launching Turner Voices salaried fellowship to onboard mid-level managers, with proven experience, to key areas of Turner. We hope this becomes an annual effort based on the success of our pilot.

In Latin America Our business is going through a transformation and top on our mind is to build & cultivate inclusive work environments on the team level while launching two Business Resource Groups – NextGen and Turner Women.

In Europe and Asia We’re expanding programs around job shadowing and youth mentoring. We’re also expanding our Turner Women & NextGen Business Resource Groups.


By 2020 we commit to...

Increase Turner’s representation of women and people of color in overall leadership roles.

Increase diversity among writers, directors, product developers, and the creative teams behind our stories.

Expand our partnerships with diversity focused non-profits and industry groups to boost their influence and expand our talent pipeline.

Incorporate independent rankings from recruiters, non-profits, and industry groups to better measure and benchmark our progress.

Staying connected

With our employees :

Speak up. Stand out. Make a difference.
At Turner, we can all be a voice for inclusion, both at work and in our communities.


Grow. Flex those job muscles. Build those team skills. Whatever your goals are, we have tools, training, and resources to help you learn along the way.

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