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We Bare Bears NBA Behind-the-Scenes

A special episode of the Cartoon Network Original Series We Bare Bears features characters voiced by NBA All-Star Paul George, two-time NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving and former NBA All-Star and 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard. The special episode, “Charlie Ball,” premieres on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m. (ET/PT).

Relax, It's Just Lebron James

Premiering Thursday, Feb. 11, at 6 p.m. (ET/PT), NBA phenomenon LeBron James plays an animated version of himself on Cartoon Network’s hit series Teen Titans Go!. The episode, titled “The Cruel Giggling Ghoul,” features the Titans on a trip to an amusement park to see James, only to get involved in solving a mystery.


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Charlie Ball Still 2

Left to right: Back off, the bears are defending the courts! Drew (#2, voiced by Kyrie Irving) P.G. (yellow jersey, voiced by Paul George) and Dame (in red and white striped jersey, voiced by Damian Lillard) take on the bears (left to right) Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear.