Cartoon Network remains APAC favorite; Boomerang and Toonami record huge growth;
POGO still top local pick in India

HONG KONG (APRIL 27, 2016) – From all corners of the continent and beyond, kids and their families showed their love for Turner’s kids’ brands in Asia Pacific throughout 2015 and into Q1 of 2016 – and the latest share and reach data back this up.* The full brand portfolio, comprising Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Toonami and POGO, is firmly on top of the pile in the region.

Aggregate data from ratings agencies in nine measured markets shows that Turner’s Kids portfolio led its competitors in terms of audience share in 2015 and the first quarter of this year. Cartoon Network also retained its title as the international channel with the biggest reach in Asia Pacific. The Q1 performance is a strong indicator for 2016, a year that sees the return of two reimagined, powerhouse-franchises – The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10.

“There are several factors that have contributed to this outstanding result. With Cartoon Network Studios pumping out the best animation in the business and a ground-breaking volume deal for Warner Bros. titles now in place, our content pipeline has never looked so strong,” said Mark Eyers, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer for Turner’s Kids Networks in Asia Pacific.

He added: “This depth of content is also complemented by investment in localization, strategic content acquisitions, digital offerings and an original shorts program within Asia Pacific that is paying remarkable dividends. Above all else, our leadership position speaks to the ability of our brands to engage the most amount of kids and their families, across platforms, around the region.”

Boomerang and Toonami capped off impressive years with substantial growth in distribution. Boomerang re-launched in Southeast Asia in January 2015, increasing household numbers throughout the year, including Malaysia in August and Korea in November. Toonami established a firm foothold in Southeast Asia, becoming the No. 2 Kids channel in Thailand (behind the clear leader, Boomerang) and launching in 20 million new households in India. This April, Boomerang also made its non-linear debut in Vietnam.

In the digital space, total sessions in 2015 for Cartoon Network’s web, apps and mobile portals increased by 27% year on year.**

The TVE service Cartoon Network Watch and Play continued to attract viewers beyond the traditional paywall as part of a total consumption strategy. It was ably supported by the launch of new apps Cartoon Network Anything in August and Boomerang Watch and Play in October. During 2015, both and Boomerang’s websites also underwent a major revamp.




Data Sources:
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**Omniture/Flurry (Jan 2014 – Dec 2015)

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