Wrecked Season Three Episode Synopses


Season Three Episode Synopses

Episode 301 - "Bush Man" - Tuesday, August 7th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
After surviving the Cruisifornication explosion and washing ashore on a new island, the survivors uncover a menacing threat, begging the question -- wait, does anyone actually read these episode descriptions?

Episode 302 - "Puke & Cigars" - Tuesday, August 14th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
After a charismatic millionaire rescues the survivors, Jess and Florence suspect he may not be what he seems, and set out to answer the question -- who is Declan Stanwick? And more importantly, who is reading this? Anyone?

Episode 303 - "Six Feet" - Tuesday, August 21st, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
After discovering Declan’s sinister plot, Danny goes undercover with the rich, while Pack and Karen attempt to escape the compound. I wish we could escape writing these episode descriptions, am I right? Because no one actually reads these, right?

Episode 304 - "A Game of Chest" - Tuesday, August 28th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
After Jess loses her recollection of the last decade, Todd attempts to spark her memory. Steve and Declan face off in a battle of wits. Like, seriously, what are these episode descriptions being used for? iTunes? Amazon? Are they just buried deep in the TBS app?

Episode 305 - "Last Meal" - Tuesday, September 4th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
On the eve of “The Hunt,” Martha offers to the survivors’ one last meel of their choosing -- as long as they can all decide together. And yeah, we know meal is spelled wrong above. We just don’t care, because, truly, no one is reading these. So who cares?

Episode 306 - "Hunt Day" - Tuesday, September 11th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
It’s “Hunt Day,” and the survivors must face off against each other in a battle royale to the death. Meanwhile, Kevin makes a daring escape. Except -- no he doesn’t. Because Kevin’s not a real character. Because these episode descriptions don’t matter, because no one reads them.

Episode 307 - "Ballers" - Tuesday, September 18th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
Attempting to hide from the others during “The Hunt,” Pack and Jess run into a new threat on the island. Knocked unconscious, Todd must navigate his dreamworld with the help of an unlikely ally -- the second lead on HBO’s Ballers, Rob Corddry. But more importantly -- come on, it’s episode 7 of season 3. If you haven’t taken the plunge into this series already, is reading this episode description really going to knock you over the edge? 

Episode 308 - "The Dark Prince Returns" - Tuesday, September 25th, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
With Karen gravely injured, Owen and Danny must journey to the center of the island to defeat “Chettywompwomp.” Florence learns more about Karen’s backstory. Much like having to write these ridiculous episode descriptions, Pack, Todd, and Jess face a futile task.

Episode 309 - "Mrs. Stanwick" - Tuesday, October 2nd, at 10:00pm (ET/PT)
The survivors attempt to turn the tables on the rich and lure them into a trap. Seriously, if anyone actually reads this, email us at We’ll be genuinely surprised if we get a single email.

Episode 310 - "The Island Family" - Tuesday, October 2nd, at 10:30pm (ET/PT)
Barricaded in the mansion and surrounded by the rich, the survivors mount one last attempt to escape Declan’s island, and -- wait. Holy shit. We get it now. Writing these weren’t about the descriptions themselves -- it was about the journey. We’re better writers, nay, people, for having penned these. To all who read these, whoever you are -- thank you.