Gloud launches in BETA

Last week our new Gloud product entered BETA testing which is a hugely exciting milestone for our Digital Ventures & Innovation team as well as for Turner International as a whole. Gloud is an online streaming service for gaming and is initially launching in Argentina and Chile, markets which our research indicates will be really open to this kind of proposition.

A website was created for registration in both countries with the aim of getting 1000 sign ups (in each) to be part of the BETA testing and this was achieved quicker than predicted. It is now at testing stage, with the first 300 people given access last week. This will continue in stages until all 2000 registrants are actively using Gloud to help test performance before the product is launched commercially.

At present, a late October/early November commercial launch is anticipated but getting from inception to testing stage has been a huge collaborative achievement between the teams in Latin America and the DV&I team so big congratulations goes to everyone working on the project.