Turner Black Professionals [BP@T]

DEFINING MOMENTS: Building resilience, driving excellence, and moving forward during times of change.

Be an influential resource via the Black professional lens to provide measureable results.

Leadership Board:
(ATL) Johnita Due: Vice President & Assistant General Counsel, Turner Legal
(ATL) Quincy Johnson: Vice President, Strategic Products
(NY) Keith Brown: Senior Vice President, HLN
(NY) Raymond Chick: Senior Director, Business Affairs, TruTV
(NY) Candice Irvin: Relationship Manager, Accounting Business Services

• Mike Braxton, co-chair
• Kelvin Davis, co-chair
• Carolyn Dickerson, co-lead
• Shawanna Fowler, co-lead

• Lashana Williams, co-chair
• Stacey Rivers, co-chair
• Helena Berube, co-lead
• Michele Dingle, co-lead

• Celena Matlock, co-chair
• Jamaal Broome, co-chair
• Danielle Scarborough, co-lead
• Nicole Collins, co-lead

Strategic planning & marketing:
• Mallom Liggon, co-chair
• Torrae Lawrence, co-chair
• Erin Jones, co-lead
• Timothy Brooks, co-lead

New York co-leads:
• Tekella Foster, co-lead
• Tekisha Thomas, co-lead

Executive Champions:
Coleman Breland, President, Turner Content Distribution
Pascal Desroches, EVP & CFO, Turner