'Inside Turner' with Frank Sgrizzi

In an exclusive interview with Turner Executive Vice President of Portfolio Sales and Client Partnerships, Frank Sgrizzi explains why he still gets a charge out of the Upfront after nearly 27 years at Turner.

Limited Commercial Interruption

Premium, entertaining and engaging. truTV’s President, Chris Linn, explains how and why Turner is committed to giving its fans the ultimate entertainment experience.

A dream realized: From Iraqi refugee to CNN AP

Ammar Al Badran’s story is the true American dream. Born in Basra, Iraq, Al Badran always dreamed of coming to U.S. – and not just anywhere in America – he knew exactly where he wanted to call home: Atlanta, Ga., the headquarters of CNN.

5K’er makes Fit Nation race a family affair

Denise Ward is always looking for her next challenge. We can probably chalk that up to her legal savvy. So, when she first heard about Turner’s Fit Nation program, she knew it was a step in the right direction to meet her – and her family’s – health and fitness goals.