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Adult Swim on the Green Tour: Not Your Average Night Under the Stars

*Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on our internal website.

Since the Adult Swim on the Green Tour officially kicked-off this summer, devoted fans have been driving from far and wide, camping overnight and donning costumes of their favorite Adult Swim characters to experience the traveling cornucopia of exclusive screenings, games, prizes, food and general shenanigans.

We spoke to LA-based Ashley Wagner, director of events for Adult Swim, about what makes this event so amazing. And it all comes down to the fact that everyone is involved. From creative to marketing and everything in between, every team has a hand in creating an authentically Adult Swim experience for fans. Alex Brauser, events production assistant, and Jillian Wells, manager of talent and events, round out the core events team that oversees this enormous project.

The first leg of the tour kicked off in June, heading west and stopping in six cities to give fans the opportunity to enjoy free screenings of “Things You’ve Never Seen,” featuring specials, pilots and never-before-seen episodes of new Adult Swim shows, all shown on a massive custom LED wall under the stars. The second leg of the tour kicks off this fall in even more cities.

Every tour stop is different – so one night, fans might get to see the Rick and Morty season 3 premiere, while other stops get their own new clips, episodes and localized Adult Swim bumps created just for their city.

In fact, with San Diego Comic-Con happening this week, fans and employees can check out a special tour stop right behind the convention center, no badge necessary. The San Diego stop features free games, activities, tons of giveaways and live-streaming from the stars of

A really unique addition to this tour is the use of RFID technology to capture vital data via wristbands. Each attendee has a wristband that tracks their activities throughout the event, to show what’s really grabbing the most attention. And with roughly 500 fans per tour stop filling out feedback surveys, the folks at Adult Swim are getting great input and insight on how to make future events even bigger and better and give the fans exactly what they want.

Ashley is quick to point out that that’s the entire reason for this tour - the fans. They are always at the forefront of what Adult Swim does, and the entire team is constantly looking for ways to heighten the fan experience and up the ante.

So grab your blanket and get ready to spend some quality time with Adult Swim. Tour dates are being added throughout the summer, so be sure to check out the latest tour schedule for the next stop nearest you.