Adult Swim shows off its sensible side with Joe Pera

“It’s not Sopranos, but I did my best.”

-Joe Pera

Comedian Joe Pera reminds one of a gentle old grandfather, always dressed in a practical sweater and ready to spin a yarn over a nice plate of pancakes. He also has the look of a fresh-faced, innocent child, just happy to be wherever he is at that given moment. Put the two together and you get the exact opposite of what you might expect to see on Adult Swim, where personalities like Eric Andre and Tim and Eric bring a drastically different tone to the airwaves than the man who seems to be from a different generation.

Tune in Sunday, May 20 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim and you’ll see just how Joe Pera’s new show “Joe Pera Talks with You” fits seamlessly with the usual organized chaos of Adult Swim’s fare. Want a sneak peek? You’re in luck…

Now where exactly did this down home, soft-spoken gentleman come from you might ask yourself? Joe is from Buffalo, New York (Check out Joe’s reasons why the Buffalo Bills consistent losing brings families together, here.) He has appeared on Conan, and also created a special for Adult Swim in 2016. Don’t believe us? We wouldn’t lie to you…

He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to sit down with him at a family restaurant and order a nice plate of eggs, bacon, and orange juice. You’ll have a light, enjoyable conversation, exchange pleasantries with the local townsfolk, and share a family-friendly joke with your jovial server. Now imagine that exact same relaxing energy, but on your favorite television or other technology screen.

You’ll learn something, you’ll smile, and you’ll come away with a warm feeling that lets you know everything’s going to be alright. Now honestly, can you really say no that?

“Joe Pera Talks with You” premieres Sunday, May 20 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.