Anderson Cooper launches new Facebook show for you, by you

Anderson Cooper is flipping the script on how news is consumed with his new Facebook Watch show, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.” Unlike traditional live newscasts, the show is a fully mobile, immersive audience experience executive produced by Charlie Moore and the AC360 team in partnership with CNN Digital Studios and CNN Social.

An innovative (and mobile-friendly) approach to news coverage

“We wanted this to be a show for the audience, by the audience,” said Ashley Codianni, Executive Producer, Social and Emerging Media – CNN. “This is the first time we’re opening Anderson up to interact directly with his social fan base.”

With a reach of more than one million people for the July 16 premiere, CNN has achieved just that – bringing a fresh, innovative show to viewers around the world. Here, viewers are in the driver’s seat. They can comment and vote on which headlines they’d like Cooper to cover and help decide which guests will be in the hot seat.  Viewers also get the chance to connect with Cooper in a segment called “The 180,” where he answers all their burning questions live – anything from his career highlights to which Netflix shows he watches.

Besides its unique format, the show was built with the user experience in mind. Every aspect of the newscast was custom-designed to fit a vertical screen, something Codianni says sets the show apart from other news outlets operating in the mobile environment.

Ending with all the feels

At the end of each show, Cooper introduces “The Goods,” a segment where he shares uplifting headlines from the day – not the usual doom and gloom you might see on the nightly news.

“When somebody feels really good about the content or have an emotional connection to a story, they're more inclined to share it. That's one of the reasons why this segment is so successful,” said Codianni. “It also provides a window of opportunity to vary Anderson’s coverage and do something that might not fit into his primetime show, since it’s generally heavy on politics and interviews.”

Since the show launched last week, Cooper has covered a variety of feel-good topics, including a dancing police officer, a kid genius and a cat who was elected mayor.

Another one of the standout segments involved Late Show host Stephen Colbert who nearly caused Cooper to miss the show, forcing him to sprint into the studio.

Be on the lookout for some A-list guests in the weeks to come, and of course, you can always tune in to hear Cooper’s signature giggle.

Watch “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” each weekday on Facebook Watch at 6:25 p.m. ET.