Bleacher Report’s Social Moments Team Just Got Bigger

As Bleacher Report draws closer to its partnership launch with Snapchat US Discover later this month, the top sports site is expanding its team ahead of the big day – and they have good reason to. The millennial-driven site draws more than 250 million people each month, mostly under the age of 34 – which aligns with the demographics of loyal Snapchatters across the United States.

Turner, whose comprehensive portfolio of brands reaches approximately 70% of millennials every day, has invested more than $100 million in Bleacher Report over the next three years. With an investment this large, the already 30-person “Social Moments Team” will welcome 11 new staffers strictly for Snapchat Discover content. As reported in Digiday, Bleacher Report’s seven new staffers will consist of social producers, graphic designers and animation experts. The remaining four new hires will oversee Snapchat’s Discover channel International division.

More departments at Turner are expected to get involved with Snapchat Discover teams now that social engagement has become a company-wide focus to continue to enhance the overall consumer experience. This partnership is part of a broader Turner strategy in place for all of their brands including CNN, TBS, Adult Swim, and TruTV.

Turner President David Levy recently stated: “Snapchat is a powerful outlet to directly connect with the millennial generation and perfectly aligns with our portfolio-wide strategy to engage with audiences at every touch point.”

You can read the full article from Digiday here.

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