Bringing Global Tech Innovation to Atlanta Creates Turning Points for Startups

Last week, Turner, along with partners Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz, welcomed to Atlanta the latest class of startups selected to participate in “The Bridge” program -  a six-month incubation effort that bridges the entrepreneurial community to major global companies, like Turner.

Says Turner CTO Jeremy Legg, “The Bridge program is a great way to discover exciting, innovative and new technologies that not only help solve day-to-day challenges within our company, but also teach the start-ups what commercial scale looks like. They learn about our global brands and work closely with us to help find where their products can fit in and help benefit us.  As a start-up, that’s what you want–more scale, more business, more revenue and more growth.”

“The life of a startup is a rollercoaster by definition, but what an amazing ride it has been with The Bridge Program over the last six months,” said Anagog CEO Ofer Tziperman. “The real secret for success in this unique commercialization program is that there is full alignment of interests between the partner corporations and the startup companies.”

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The Bridge’s latest class of startups include: Anagog, ComboTag, Klear, Loom, Personalics, Pushapps, Retube, Say2eatSeegnature and Snappers