Cartoon Network expands Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative

Cartoon Network has released six new PSAs based on the research findings from February in partnership with Committee for Children, the global leader of social-emotional learning curricula. The PSA’s portray real-life scenarios told and narrated by elementary school students and are launching just in time to support National Bullying Prevention month, kicking-off this month.  

The latest expansion of "Stop Bullying: Speak Up" encourages children and adults to join in on the conversation to promote kindness, caring, and empathy by providing actionable steps to take to stop bullying before it starts.

Watch the full PSAs below and learn how children are overcoming bullying one small act of kindness at a time:


  1. Be A Friend


  1. Including Someone Can Make a Difference 


  1. Stand Up for Someone by Saying That’s Not Okay

In a recent survey conducted by Cartoon Network, roughly 62% of elementary school children admitted to having at least one or two experiences being bullied. Yet, most students agree spending more time with kids that are different than them would help reduce bullying. For it seems inclusivity may be a key tool in fighting this pervasive problem.

Cartoon Network is devoted to keeping kids’ voices at the forefront of national campaigns and conversations surrounding inclusivity. To help accomplish this goal, the network expanded its partnership with 826 National to provide kids the tools and encouragement to share their own stories about kindness and empathy.

This extension of the Inclusion Storytelling Project includes a limited-edition bookmaking kit to assist teachers in the fight to stop bullying before it begins. The curricula is rooted in original stories from elementary school children nationwide. Resources can be found here.