CES 2018 Coverage, Day 2

Turner continued to prove why it’s leading the way in the race to the center at CES 2018. Live experiences and executive panels drew thousands of attendees, and amplified the company’s commitment to marrying art + science.

Turner Art Installation

The Turner MARKERS art installation continued to enthrall users by the deftness and speed with which the ArtBots created images. One of the most notable? A drawing of Charles Barkley eating a donut.

CES Art Exhibit 1
CES Art Exhibit 2
CES Art Exhibit 3

Marquee Panel Highlights

Some of Turner’s thought leaders took part in a variety of panels covering different aspects of the technology and innovation. From insights into the future of brand partnerships and marketing influencers to the complexion of TV in the digital age, Turner executives unraveled some of the industry’s most compelling issues during live discussions that were attended by thousands of people.

“C Space Storytellers: CMO” Panel

Molly Battin, Global Chief Communications & Corporate Marketing Officer, Turner, revealed how marketers should approach technology as part of their business plan. She and the panel also discussed best practices in data, analytics and transparency.

“The new way we’re marketing is by marrying art and science to drive a sense of community,” said Molly. “Our storytelling creates a connection with fans, and technology brings them our content when and where they want it.”

Watch the “C Space Storytellers: CMO” Panel

CMO Panel 2
CMO Panel 3

“The Future of Brand Partnerships and Marketing Influencers” Panel

Keith Hernandez, SVP – Strategy, Bleacher Report was among the leaders who discussed how Brand Marketing is transforming into Influence Marketing, and how the growing one-to-one consumer relationship is becoming stronger and more powerful.

Stealing the Show – Best in Brand Storytelling
Dan Riess, EVP of Content Partnerships and co-head of Turner Ignite, joined the panel to discuss which brands are the most progressive and creative across new marketing opportunities – in social, digital publishing, OTT and linear TV.

Turner Sports Area

The Turner Sports Area is drawing big crowds. Creating the feeling as if one is sitting inside a stadium, attendees could watch presentations and panels on jumbo-sized screens that made them feel is if they were on stage.

#TurneratCES In the News…

“Three Ways Traditional Media Companies Can Compete in The Race to The Center”

Jeremy Legg, chief technology officer, Turner, authors an article in Forbes about the media industry disruption and what it will take to win as it pertains to the customer experience, data and advertising.

“High Dynamic Range Broadcasting Will Have More Impact Than 4K”

Techonomy interviews Bob Hesskamp, head of Engineering, Turner, about broadcast technology trends, including the shift from video to IP and the impact of High Dynamic Range (HDR). 

Former NBA stars and a wedding chapel: Inside Turner’s big CES game plan

Digiday takes readers inside Turner’s CES preparations and how the company uses the global trade show as venue to connect with advertisers.

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Wednesday, January 10

SPORTS BUSINESS INNOVATION (SBI) PANELS | Watch the live stream on Turner’s Facebook page and Twitter.

“STEALING THE SHOW – BEST IN BRAND STORYTELLING” at Variety Entertainment Summit: Dan Riess, (EVP Content Partnerships)
“THE NEW AGE OF HITMAKING” at Variety Entertainment Summit: Chris Berend (SVP of Digital Video for CNN and co-founder of Great Big Story)
“EVERY COMPANY IS A TECH COMPANY”: Brooks Tobey (Head of Technology Strategy & Business Operations, Turner)
"THE FUTURE OF FAN ENGAGEMENT” at MediaLink + CDX Brand Innovation Salon: Donna Speciale (President, Turner Ad Sales) to speak on a panel

Panel features John Martin, CEO of Turner, and Randy Freer, CEO of Hulu. The conversation will be moderated by Financial Times’ Matthew Garrahan and livestreamed on the CES website.