CNN Launches Daily News Show on Snapchat

Snapchat is on its way to becoming a bona fide news source with the launch of CNN’s The Update, a new Snapchat Show featuring a daily rundown of news from around the world. Back in 2015, CNN Digital was among the first to partner with Snapchat when it first ventured into content, and now with The Update is on the forefront again of delivering a new experience for young audiences.

“Snapchat sees what millions of viewers see: CNN is a trusted provider of world news and a strong brand, said CNN Digital senior producer, Allison Morrow. “It’s worked well for both Snapchat, who wants quality news, and CNN, who wants to create a CNN experience for readers of all generations. Snapchat has that millennial face to it.”

What’s the difference between news on CNN versus Snapchat? The principles of storytelling CNN is known for remains the same, but adapted for a younger and exclusively mobile audience. A two to three minute package is generally too long and too slow for the younger Snapchat audience, so Allison and the CNN digital team set about creating a show for an audience that only has a couple of minutes to spare over their morning coffee before they hit the door.

The team also faced interesting challenges like adapting TV’s horizontal frame size to Snapchat’s signature vertical orientation that its users have come to love.

“It's a completely new space for digital publishing. There was no real model of how to do a TV show on Snapchat,” Allison said. “At first, we thought we would have a unique Snapchat anchor. Then we tried going with just a voiceover, no host. Ultimately, we found the best experience for our readers is being introduced into CNN’s incredible stable of talent from TV.”

Allison noted that The Update sticks very closely to CNN’s bread and butter: breaking news, politics and the biggest national and international headlines. But they do have social content on there as well; after all, the operation is housed in the social sphere. The team taps into what their audience is talking about on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

We’re in a time where everyone needs to speak both languages of social and more core journalism. I think the team at CNN is the key example of a team that has strong, experienced news judgment, but can also speak the social language.”

Start watching now by entering “CNN The Update” in the Snapchat search bar.