Go inside CNN’s midterm elections coverage

Life on the campaign trail can be an adrenaline rush like no other – exhilarating rallies, riveting interviews with the candidates, passionate voters, and even a few unexpected curve balls thrown into the mix – and CNN Correspondent Kaylee Hartung knows this firsthand. In this edition of “Inside Turner,” she reveals just what it takes to cover the wild world of midterm elections. 

“When people want to know what’s happening – they turn to CNN,” said Kaylee. “This network has more resources, more breadth, more experience, and more diversity among those who are delivering the news than any other network.”

From her first big moment on-air to why this year’s midterms are so important, Hartung explains how she relies on the tenets of journalism to remain factual and balanced when bringing stories from the campaign trail to platforms all around the world.

Be sure to follow CNN’s midterm elections coverage on the CNN Politics blog and @CNNPolitics. Plus, @kayleehartung will be doing an Instagram takeover of @Turner on election day (Tuesday, Nov. 6) with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the Georgia gubernatorial race. And remember, don’t forget to vote!