Good Behavior Premiere: Wigging out at the Roxy

The following is a guest post from Kevin Little, PR Director, TBS & TNT:

If you're a Downton Abbey fan like me, you probably spent more than a few episodes longing to see one of the characters – say, Lady Mary, played so brilliantly by Michelle Dockery – finally cut loose from the all the genteel manners and stately etiquette and release the bad girl we always knew was lurking inside.

Well, you won't have to wait five years for the inevitable reunion episode of the Grantham saga, because TNT's sexy and suspenseful drama Good Behavior has just what you need. The show has been taking critics by storm and was at the center of a memorable premiere event for entertainment press and social media influencers at New York's famed Roxy Theatre.

The evening kicked off with a screening of the first episode, followed by a Q&A session, hosted and live-streamed by Vanity Fair, with Ms. Dockery; fellow cast members Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney and Lusia Strus; and Good Behavior executive producers Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge.

The affair had all the makings of a perfect night on the town. And then it happened - people started “wigging out.” And the person who instigated it all was none other than the star of the show: Michelle Dockery.

“Wigging Out”
It all started during the screening portion of the evening. Early in the first episode, Ms. Dockery's character – Letty Raines, a fresh-out-of-jail con artist and thief with a nasty drug habit, a prickly counselor and a son her mother refuses to let her see – struts into a swanky hotel wearing a ginger-haired wig and black jumper with a neckline that gives new meaning to the word "plunging." Letty then proceeds to break into several hotel rooms and relieve the absent guests of a few of their valuables.

Later in the episode, Letty – this time in a long blonde wig and airy floral dress – turns on her honey-dripped North Carolina patois and proceeds to seduce paid killer Javier (Botto) in order to prevent him from taking out his latest mark. At this point, anyone in the audience who thought Ms. Dockery would forever be typecast as a reserved, emotionally distant woman of the stiff-upper-lip variety said “goodbye” to Laddy Mary…

It was then during the Q&A that Dockery revealed a surprising secret about Letty's wigs, many of which were on display for attendees to see close up. It turns out that Dockery, who is known around the globe for portraying maturity and grace under pressure, revealed a more playful spirit. She has actually given each of her wigs a name.

There's Betty and Veronica, whose names evoke memories of the blonde and brunette rivals in the long-running Archie Comics. For a touch of international allure, she dons Katya's sexy locks. And when times call for a little power play, she reaches for fiery-haired Annie.

A drag queen friend of mine once said, "All you need to conquer the world is a high-quality wig and a good roll of duct tape." After successfully wigging out the crowd at the Good Behavior premiere event, Ms. Dockery – and her character – are proving she can do it without duct tape.

New episodes of Good Behavior premiere each Tuesday night at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. The first two episodes are currently available across TNT's on-demand, digital and mobile platforms.