'Hello, my name is…Jane Li.'

For Jane Li, growing and developing Turner’s presence in China is more than a job – it’s a passion. Whether it’s forming new relationships with business partners or staying up-to-date on industry trends, she believes that the amount of opportunity for Turner in Asia is huge. 

In this edition of “Hello, My Name Is…” Turner interviewed the associate director of Consumer Product Licensing/China to learn more about what she does for Turner in China, as well as what she enjoys doing in her free time.

What’s your name and title?
Jane Li, associate director, Consumer Product Licensing - Turner China.

How long have you have been with Turner?
Three years and three months

What’s the most interesting part of your job?
I believe we are pioneers in building the Turner business and brands/franchise in China. So, there is something new every day – whether its meeting new business partners, doing new deals, launching new products or learning about the latest industry trends shaping China today.

Because of what I do, Turner…
Turner is slowly but surely building up a strong business foundation in China through our licensing business. When just four years ago, we had virtually no licensing business in China, today we have agency partners, more than 40 licensees with categories covering to apparel, accessories, footwear, home products, food & beverage, toy and consumer electronics, and hundreds of new SKUs every year.

“There was fantastic team effort and support from our leadership team in putting up a great show…”

What does innovation mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your role?
Innovation is a mindset. Bear in mind, unlike most parts of the world, some of our biggest linear TV brands like Cartoon Network are not available in China except for VIP compounds and hotels. So, we have had to innovate tremendously in the way we build a business literally from scratch. From doing syndication deals to building up awareness of our Cartoon Network Originals (CNOs) like “We Bare Bears,” “Powerpuff Girls” and “Ben 10” to doing joint marketing collaborations to doing the actual licensing deals.

Fortunately, we own the most popular emoticon in China – Tuzki; and that was where we started in building our L&M business. Today, our CNOs can be seen on every major streaming platform, and we are starting to do some significant deals around these popular IPs, even though there was very little awareness of them only a few years ago amongst a majority of Chinese consumers.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had working at Turner?
I will always have fond memories of our very first Turner China sales and licensing show. There was fantastic team effort and support from our leadership team in putting up a great show that laid the foundation for us to grow the business even further.

Which Turner colleague has been your greatest mentor or had the biggest influence on your career?
That would have to be our president, Ricky Ow, who has given much support and encouragement to the China team. His advice to “work hard on the things you can control and don’t worry about the things you can’t,” is something that I always remember, especially from those early days when we first started the business in China.

“I love running, and I try to run through every city in China that I visit.”

What is your favorite Turner show and why?
“We Bare Bears”! I just love that show. And I’m not the only one, as it is also one of our core franchises and revenue drivers in China.

I’m looking forward to the theatrical release of the Tuzki movie, which is still in production. Hopefully it may even have its own animation series one day. 

And to think, it all started with a simple emoticon to help you express how you feel on chat messenger services.

Tell us about something interesting you do in your free time.
I love running, and I try to run through every city in China that I visit. It’s an activity that is beginning to gain a large following in China.

What is the best thing about working at Turner?
I love how everyone collaborates and works so closely together at Turner; and unlike many Chinese companies that are very hierarchical, we have a lot more access and ability to interact with the leaders in our company.