'Hello, my name is Marsha Lam.'

In this edition of “Hello, My Name Is…” we visit Marsha Lam of Turner Asia. The senior manager of Programming — General Entertainment, Turner APAC, shares her love for spicy food and Korean dramas. She also gives a glimpse into how she and her team have helped make Oh!K the #1 K-drama channel in Asia.

Turner (T): What’s your name and title?
Marsha Lam (ML): Marsha Lam. I’m the senior manager of Programming - General Entertainment, for Turner APAC.

T: How long have you have been with Turner?
ML: I’ve spent four wonderful years in Acquisition and Programming team for Asian Content, working on our Korean entertainment channel Oh!K.

I was previously based in Hong Kong and moved to the Singapore S.E. Asia office a year ago, as the channel serves a primarily South East Asian audience.

"…we have managed to build the #1 K-drama channel in Asia.”

T: What’s the most interesting part of your job?
ML: I love watching all kinds of dramas but especially K-drama. So, this is my dream job!

The most interesting part of my job is being able to watch the very latest Korean drama series and entertainment shows all day – and I get paid to do that!

Seriously though, the most interesting and challenging part of the job is deciding what shows to buy and how we schedule it to deliver maximum impact for the channel. Nothing beats the feeling when we have a show that delivers strong ratings and beats the stiff competition.

T: Because of what I do, Turner…
ML: Together, with my other passionate colleagues, we have managed to build the #1 K-drama channel in Asia.

T: What does innovation mean to you, and how do you incorporate it into your role?
ML: Innovation means how we can provide a better, more enjoyable and more engaging experience for our fans.

We’re always looking to innovate how we program and schedule our channel to drive viewership and “stickiness,” to broaden the appeal of the channel while continuing to exceed the expectations of our fans. So, for example, we were the very first channel to broadcast and fast-track local subtitles within 24 hours of a show’s Korean broadcast and to date the only Korean channel to have aired shows “live” from Korea with simultaneously English voice over.

T: What is the most memorable moment you’ve had working at Turner?
ML: Meeting two legendary Korean Wave superstars, Lee Young Ae and Song Seung Heon, during the international media press junket for the highly anticipated hit show “Saimdang,” which premiered on Oh!K. I love my job!

“…its fantastic how my bosses are always open to hear new ideas and suggestions.”

T: Which Turner colleague has been your greatest mentor or had the biggest influence on your career?
ML: It has to be my boss, Ms. Marianne Lee, VP – General Entertainment, Turner APAC. I’ve been blessed to have a great mentor who has been generous in her advice, guidance, support and patience. I still have so much to learn from her. She always given us an opportunity to grow and challenged us to continue innovating, setting the next high bar not just for Oh!K but also the entire industry.

T: What is your favorite Turner show and why? 
ML: Apart from TV dramas, I love “We Bare Bears” on Cartoon Network. The bears are super cute! And I’ve managed to amass collectibles from pop-up stores across region, Miniso retail shops and even asked my colleagues to buy products from CN shop in Korea.

I’ve recently been hooked on the new “We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs” mobile game but struggling to get pass level 161. You’ve got to download it now if you’re not playing it already!

T: Tell us about something interesting you do in your free time.
ML: After I moved to Singapore, I tried to meet more friends outside of work, so I joined language groups where I can practice Korean and Japanese. I’m also learning to swim to lead a healthier and balanced life. I’m now looking for new friends who are spicy-food lovers like me, so we can go on spicy-dining adventures!

T: What is the best thing about working at Turner?
ML: I love how Turner is a fan-centric company, and its fantastic how my bosses are always open to hear new ideas and suggestions. I’ve also made a lot of good friends at Turner, and really treasure the opportunity to grow with our company.