‘Hello, my name is… Hernán Romero’

For Hernán Romero – who started at the company as a CNN intern – innovation is his native language. As one of the finalists in the company’s first-ever internal innovation contest, he and his teammates brought ideas to the table that helped bring our mission to “reinvent television” to life.

In this edition of “Hello, My Name Is…” the London-based digital coordinator shares how he connects the company to its fans and what he enjoys doing outside the office.

What’s your name and title?
My name is Hernán Romero, and I’m a digital coordinator at Turner Central and Eastern Europe.

How long have you have been with Turner?
I’ve been at Turner for three years.

“I enjoy being at the first point of contact with our fans. I read what they say and see their reactions in real time.”

What’s the most interesting part of your job?
I enjoy being at the first point of contact with our fans. I read what they say and see their reactions in real time. I can visualize all of this with data and then act on it with a couple of clicks. It’s quite a lot of power, which really motivates me to cultivate an audience comprised of millions by giving them the best experiences. I still remember one of the most heartwarming comments we got from a “The Amazing World of Gumball” fan that said, “I’m sick at home, but thanks to you, I’m not bored.”

Because of what I do, Turner…
… is able to be closer to their fans. I am able to build a digital strategy that makes sense at a local level, in eight different languages across brands like Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TNT and Adult Swim. The responses from our audiences help Turner build a better picture of them, thus ensuring we reach our audiences in the best way possible.

What does innovation mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your role?
I think innovation is a pragmatic term. You can’t define it on its own without seeing its application in the real world. At the same time, I believe we shouldn’t think of innovation as something that always involves “big” ideas. Anything that, in a positive way, is remotely impactful and new in the way you work, learn, do or enjoy things can be deemed as innovative. For instance, I developed a way to publish content on YouTube in bulk that we now use religiously across the team. It’s not the next Facebook, but it sure has saved us many weeks’ worth of work so far!

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had working at Turner?
I still can’t fathom how surreal it was to walk into one of the main boardrooms of the Time Warner Center in New York for the company’s first-ever internal innovation contest. Pitching our team’s idea to the “sharks” – some of Turner’s top global executives at the time – was particularly overwhelming. Of course, I was noticeably nervous before entering the room. Somehow, though, as soon as they greeted me, I came at ease completely. I managed to pull it off quite confidently with a delivery that I think surpassed all of my rehearsals. The “sharks” were not so scary, but rather friendly, after all.

Which Turner colleague has been your greatest mentor or had the biggest influence on your career?
It’s hard for me to think of just one because many people at Turner have helped shape my career. Sari Blom, senior digital manager of CEE, has continuously put my professional development at the center. She knows that I am always hungry to learn, so she provides me with the guidance and space to grow.

The combined knowledge I’ve attained through Aksel van der Wal, Christopher Sodergren and Caterina Preti has been undoubtedly invaluable. Building a business plan for the TED Now Innovation Contest was a tough and lengthy mission, and I wouldn’t have gone this far without them. Now I have the pleasure of working with them in developing the language learning project further.

“I think innovation is a pragmatic term… we shouldn’t think of [it] as something that always involves ‘big’ ideas.”

What is your favorite Turner show and why? 
I really enjoy “4 Blocks,” one of our local productions. There’s something appealing about an original German mafia series that covers the issues of pride, drugs and family. The show provides great snapshots of the Neukölln area in Berlin, a city that I personally love. Finally, the story is very interesting, and the acting is spot on. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next season.

Tell us about something interesting you do in your free time.
One of the best things about living in London is being able to experience its eclectic music scene. I am someone with a diverse music taste, so I tend to mix things up a bit. You can find me anywhere – from salsa and jazz bars to techno raves and classical music concerts.

What is the best thing about working at Turner?
The people. That’s for sure. I’ve met and befriended co-workers from all cultures and countries at Turner, which shows how diverse the company is. I am lucky to be part of the Central and Eastern European region, which guarantees work with people across multiple countries. It makes things a lot more interesting, especially at our annual offsites in Germany.