"Ladies in Tech at Turner:" Blazing a Trail Forward

Earlier this month, more than 120 women gathered at the Techwood campus in Atlanta and our Global Headquarters in New York City to participate in a newly formed organization - Ladies in Tech at Turner or “LiTT.” Spearheaded by Maigh Houlihan and Melissa Koehler, two of Turner’s leading tech community evangelists, the main goal of LiTT is to create a community for women technologists, driven and supported by women technologists.

The group will encourage new ideas, provide professional support (both career and technical) and advocate active participation and leadership in the broader technology community – locally, nationally and internationally. Turner’s Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Legg and Head of Software Development Karen Painter are the executive sponsors of this initiative. 

LiTT team members participated at Techwood and NY

During the inaugural event, the organizers explained some of the reasons for forming the group. “We can do better than the industry standard when it comes to hiring women in tech,” Melissa said, “And this is how we get started.”

Maigh noted that this community “needed to be built,” and quoted Atlanta artist Sister Louisa in saying that “it is our duty to catapult each other into greatness.”

“It was nice to see so many women in technology at Turner, especially the new employees. To me, the newer employees are a reflection of Turner’s investment in both women and technology,” said Tricia Nall, an IT Business Consultant on Turner’s MSS Business Systems & Technologies team.

Maigh, Melissa and Karen Painter recently attended the Grace Hopper conference - the world’s largest gathering of women technologists – as part of Turner’s new partnership with the Anita Borg Institute. The goal is to bring back a lot of what they learn at the event and use the experience to help drive and inform the direction of LiTT.

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