Melissa Etheridge Rocks NYC for CNN

Some of the best musicians get their start as street performers with a guitar and an open case. Ed Sheeran and BB King are two names that come to mind.

On Tuesday, CNN turned that upside down.

To help launch their new series, Soundtracks, CNN brought Grammy-winning performer Melissa Etheridge to New York’s 59th Street subway station for an acoustic set. Subway-riders got to hear some of Melissa’s most popular songs: On Broadway, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Hold On I’m Coming, This Land Is Your Land, Come To My Window and Bring Me Some Water.

“Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History” from executive producer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, explores the music tied to iconic moments in history, from the March on Washington to the riots at Stonewall, to the moon landing to Hurricane Katrina. Be sure to watch the premiere, this Thursday night at 9P ET/PT.