Pack up for 'Summer Camp Island'

It’s summer, and camp season is officially open with an endless amount of choices: space camp, sports camp, art camp... But for the first time ever, you can ship off to Summer Camp Island, a not so ordinary sleepaway camp full of magic, monsters and whimsy. Nothing can truly prepare you for the unexplained phenomena at Summer Camp Island, but first-time camper Oscar has a few packing tips to help us get a head start.

Oscar’s Summer Camp Island packing list:

Oscar the Elephant & Hedgehog

1. Pajamas
They come alive when you get to camp so bring your #1s. 

2. Tons of friendship bracelet string
Way more than you think you’ll need. Glow in the dark, too, so you can make a bracelet for the moon. He’s cool. 

3. A small pencil
One that fits in your back pocket for addressing letters. Oh! And for writing about stuff you see or guys you meet and want to think about later. Like the aliens. And the monsters. You'll probably meet all those guys. 

4. An extra pair of sneakers
The werewolves like to snack on sneakers, so it’s good to have a backup pair. 

5. Softball mitt
Sometimes we play against each other, sometimes the witches. Just depends. 

6. Books on tape read by your dad
For nights and early mornings. 



7. An old t-shirt to wear to the Unicorn Stables
If you want to give 'em a sugar cube or anything. 

8. Cozy sweaters
For the library, the yeti meadow, and when you wanna feel cozy even though it’s summer. 

9A compass 
Hahah just kidding. They don't work here! 

10Your Hedgehog
Er, I mean, your best friend. That’s just what I call mine cause that’s her name, but, yeah, bring yours. 

About “Summer Camp Island”:
“Summer Camp Island” is Cartoon Network’s newest animated series created by Julia Pott. Based on the critically acclaimed short screened at Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW, and developed in Cartoon Network Studios’ global Artists Program, the new series follows best friends Oscar and Hedgehog as they discover their first sleepaway camp isn’t quite what it seems. Come along and explore a magical island filled with creatures of all kinds, including unicorns, yetis and aliens – just be careful to steer clear of the grumpy camp counselors, who happen to be witches.


Watch all 20 episodes beginning Saturday, July 7:
“Summer Camp Island” will take over Cartoon Network and Boomerang with all 20 episodes debuting back-to-back. Beginning Saturday, July 7 at 6 a.m. (ET/PT) through Sunday, July 8, all episodes will go into rotation for 48 hours in the can’t-miss double network takeover event.

You can also bring the magic into your own home with the all-new “Summer Camp Island” AR app. Use the Camp Guide to explore the island and play with all the campers and creatures or make your own surroundings come to life and talk.

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