Season Three of CNN's "This is Life with Lisa Ling"

CNN’s original series, This Is Life with Lisa Ling, returned for its third season Sept 25 for an eight-episode run. Award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling takes her audience on a gritty, unique journey across America by immersing in communities that are unusual, extraordinary and sometimes dangerous. Each episode provides viewers an inside look at some of the  most unconventional and unknown segments of American society.

This season, Ling goes inside the cage with female MMA fighters, attends a wedding at a prison, and learns to code with Silicon Valley teens. She explores legalized prostitution, investigates the ravages of America’s heroin epidemic, and uncovers state laws that allow rapists parental rights.  In Los Angeles, she gains unprecedented access to America’s largest jail, and in Philadelphia, takes a 360-degree look at how technology is changing the landscape of law enforcement.

“I want each viewer to come into the episode with an open mind because we often tackle subcultures and issues that people have a very strong opinion about,” said Ling. “I hope that people watch, and come prepared to think a little bit differently after the episode.”

Tune in on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on. To catch episodes you may have missed, head to CNNGo.