Turner Brings Branded Content to the Festival of Creativity

The Lion…king of the jungle. Especially if you are at Cannes Lions in Cannes, France in mid-June where the kings and queens of the media, advertising and entertainment worlds gather to share, learn, inspire and honor the Lions of the Industry. 

Cannes, the city known for its famous film festival is also the host to one of the largest gatherings of creative minds from across the globe. Cannes Lions is a week-long celebration of everything "creativity" in Healthcare, Innovation and Entertainment. From design to digital, cyber to broadcast, print to PR, wellness to integration, plus so much more. This year, the 64th annual Cannes Lions begins June 17th with award ceremonies every night and culminates with a massive finale on June 24th. Honors will go to hundreds of “Lions” spread over 24 different main categories and hundreds of subcategories of creativity. It’s a big deal. But what exactly is Turner going to be doing there?

As it turns out, Time Warner and CNN have had a presence at Cannes Lions for years. You can't spell Cannes without C.N.N. And this year, Turner decided to dip their toe in the water by partnering with the news side of the business at the festival of creativity. But how do you turn a dip into a splash at such a big event? You take it to the beach! That’s why Turner and CNN are constructing a co-branded beach cabana and inviting clients, innovators and CMO's from all over the diverse international creative community. Giving them a chance to connect while getting a firsthand look at some of the great creative content Turner has to offer. 

It is widely known that TV advertising is still the main revenue driver in the content world, but that world is changing quickly. Turner is taking it’s first swing through Cannes to highlight the amazing content creation happening in the digital and mobile worlds. Branded content has become a valuable tool for advertisers to reach consumers wherever they access their content. To highlight this movement Turner, partnered with Campaign magazine, will be hosting a panel entitled “Life Beyond :30” to focus on content creation outside of the television screen with growing technologies like AI and VR.

As new technologies emerge, more and more innovators are needed, and Turner is at the forefront of bringing more women into the STEAM movement. Partnering with “The Girls Lounge,” Turner will create a mobile gallery inside the physical space set aside specifically for creative women to come interact and fellowship with each other. Also, Donna Speciale will be participating in a panel discussion, alongside of Kathleen Hall from Microsoft, intended to focus on the need to close the gender gap in tech and media.

But it’s still Cannes and that means star power, and Turner has it covered. An all-star roster of creative powerhouses like David Levy, Jeff Zucker, Kevin Reilly, Chris Linn, Donna Speciale and Richard Quest are going to be joined by truTV hit stars The Impractical Jokers and Youtube legend turned CNN Digital star, Casey Neistat. An impressive lineup indeed.

Along with Turner's increased presence this year at Cannes Lions, it has also made 48 submissions for potential awards with a focus in the Innovative Branded Content categories. In past years, Turner has submitted entries but never to this level or with a physical presence at the international hub of creativity. This will allow Turner to not only feature their content but get a firsthand look at what others in the creative space are doing. 

At Cannes Lions, Turner is hoping to show the rest of the world that when it comes to creativity...they can ROAR with the best of them. To find out more on this amazing festival go to https://www.canneslions.com.