Turner's VP of Strategic Products on Navigating Times of Change

Recently, Quincy Johnson was featured on a panel at the NAMIC Conference in New York City entitled “Negotiating the Career High Beam in Times of Change.” The panel took place during the cable industry’s annual “Diversity Week.” We asked Quincy to share key parts of the discussion. His post follows:

At the 30th Annual NAMIC Conference, Diversity 3.0 – Innovation through Inclusion, I spoke on a panel about managing your career in times of change alongside Cheryl Middleton Jones, SVP of HR at Scripps Networks and Gary Ireland, an employment attorney. The moderator was Jane Hyun, a leadership strategist and author.

We had a conversation about how the shifting media landscape impacts organizations and how individuals can proactively manage their careers through these changes. I was happy share how I personally navigated industry and technology advancements throughout my nearly 20 years at Turner as my roles changed from engineering to operations, from linear to digital, and most recently, from implementation to strategy.

Here are some tips I revealed that helped me during some of the biggest changes I’ve dealt with, from migrating the Latin American networks in Buenos Aires to launching HD, TV Everywhere:

  • Work in excellence. This is not the time to take your eye off the ball.  You must continue to deliver, meet your deadlines and go above and beyond. This will help reinforce your value to the organization
  • Don’t stick your head in the sand. Don’t ignore the fact that change is coming and hope that it just will pass. Take steps to learn about what is driving the change. Talk to mentors, peers, and management. They can help you better understand the change and what it means to you. Be proactive.
  • Stay relevant. Always look to learn new things and for new opportunities to expand your skills. You can do this by staying up on industry changes through podcasts or trade publications. You can grow skills by volunteering for new assignments or by becoming active within a business resource group or organizations like NAMIC.
  • My parting thought for the audience was to learn to be comfortable in a time of instability or, said another way, to find your firm foundation when things are moving and changing around you.

In a time where our industry is driving companies to be more agile and responsive to the demands of consumers, you must have that same agility so that you too can adapt. You can’t rely on what you have previously accomplished, you must continue to look for new ways to grow and to contribute. Let that motivation help drive you through the change. You will come out better than you were when you entered the change.

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