Visual Artist Creates One-of-a-kind Mural for Cartoon Network

Freestyle artist Luke Ramsey first realized he could make a career out of his talent for drawing during a 2002 trip to Taiwan where he began connecting with different artists. Since then he’s used different mediums to explore his talent – illustration, video, performance pieces. But it was his public art around Vancouver, B.C., where he lives and holds an artist residency, that caught the eye of Cartoon Network’s Creative Group.

Tasked with adding pop and creative inspiration to the vast stairwell where so many employees travel up and down at the offices in Atlanta, the team made their way through a list of visual artists whose work they admired. After combing through his portfolio, they invited Luke to Atlanta to create one of his freestyle murals of abstract and gestural shapes and lines.

Taking the spirit of what the team was hoping to accomplish, Luke pulled from his own palette to create what he felt would work best for the space. For this piece, Luke considered what he would want to see and how the piece would look to someone passing through the space, how it would hit the eye.

“Working in this environment has been really rewarding. People have been very encouraging, supportive and happy with what I’m creating,” Luke said. “When I’m working in a space where there are a lot of creative people in that environment, the compliment means that much more to me, because they are creative themselves and have a more critical eye and greater appreciation for art.”

Admiring the work of artists around them – in zines, comic books, on Instagram, etc. – is innate to everyone in the Cartoon Network Creative Group, a team of artists themselves. The group of writers, producers, illustrators and designers responsible for the visual branding and creative promotion for Cartoon Network is always looking for new and interesting ways to create, and they often commission independent and established artists to interpret the brand and original characters in their own unique styles.

Art is representative of the personality, experiences and perspective of its creator. So when working with outside artists, it’s important to the Creative Group that artists are able to add their own flavor and interpretation.

Senior Production Manager Calvin Florian, who has been with Cartoon Network since 2003, shepherded the stairwell art project with Senior Designer Tyson McAdoo and SVP & Creative Director Jacob Escobedo.

“It makes our job even more rewarding when we get to collaborate with an outside artist and give them the freedom to create something they are proud of,” Calvin said.

Luke joins a long list of artists that have collaborated with Cartoon Network on a multitude of projects over the years. Check out the custom work Glendale-based artist Ian Anderson created for the Cartoon Network Studios space in Burbank, CA.