Brands not TV Shows

In an era of near-infinite choice, Turner’s success hinges on our brands’ abilities to build genuine and personalized connections with our fans.  Listen to TBS/TNT President Kevin Reilly share our strategy for creating emotional experiences that keep viewers coming back.

Go Where the Audience Is

President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker explains how CNN’s stories have evolved and reveals why it’s ok that millennials don’t watch CNN on TV. “As long as they see those three red letters and know it’s CNN, we’re good.”

The Power of Premium Content

“Clients want to attach their brand to premium content.” Donna Speciale, president – Turner Ad Sales, shares why fan engagement is the holy grail for our ad buyers.

Multiplatform by Design

Christina Miller, president and general manager  – Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Boomerang, discusses the non-traditional ways Turner is to reaching new audiences.

Limited Commercial Interruption

Premium, entertaining and engaging. truTV’s President, Chris Linn, explains how and why Turner is committed to giving its fans the ultimate entertainment experience.

A dream realized: From Iraqi refugee to CNN AP

Ammar Al Badran’s story is the true American dream. Born in Basra, Iraq, Al Badran always dreamed of coming to U.S. – and not just anywhere in America – he knew exactly where he wanted to call home: Atlanta, Ga., the headquarters of CNN.