This means war: Inside Turner’s Social Media War Room

Running a robust social media operation requires coordination and teamwork. To do this, Turner created the Social Media War Room, a high-tech workspace that serves as a hub for employees to share news and information with millions of people across the globe.

'Between 2 Screens' with TBS’s Brett Weitz

Between 2 Screens is our unique interview series that puts a real-life, honest-to-goodness Turner employee in the host seat with a dream guest. Each episode will feature an executive or an above-the-line talent from our favorite Turner brands.

Turner Conversations: Get to know Louise Sams

“Conversations” is a new monthly feature that will help you get to know some of Turner’s most successful executives. You’ll get a glimpse into not only what drives them, but what life events and career choices helped lead them down the path that, lucky for us, led them to Turner.

'The Chris Gethard Show': Teetering between chaos and control

There is absolutely nothing on late-night television like “The Chris Gethard Show” on truTV. Technically, it’s a talk show, but believe us when we say it’s more of an off-the-rails, partially improvised, limit-pushing experiment – and it’s all aired live!

CNN breaks new ground with 'The Kennedys'

It is arguably the most famous family in American history. Their relationships have shaped national and global events, from the Cold War to the Wall Street crash.

Welcome to the universe of ‘Final Space’

What do you get when an adventurous astronaut named Gary meets an adorable little alien named Mooncake, who just happens to be a planet-destroying super weapon? You get “Final Space,” the new animated intergalactic space saga on TBS.