Agent X Character Descriptions

Character Descriptions

Sharon Stone as Natalie Maccabee
Natalie is a true survivor in both her public and private lives. Professionally, she overcame staggering odds to rise from Wisconsin law professor to senator, then to Vice President. In her personal life, she bore the tragic death of her husband Stephen with grace and perseverance, winning the hearts and minds of a nation. Indeed, it was Natalie's extraordinary strength of character during this time of crisis that made President Eckhart choose her as his running mate – and more importantly, commander of the Agent X program.

Jeff Hephner as John Case
John Case is an American James Bond—smooth, athletic, tough, and quick-witted—who can be brutally effective when his duties require it. The ultimate patriot, Special Ops-trained and CIA-tested, John Case is both physically lethal and mentally cunning. But it is John's strong moral compass which makes him the ideal operative for the Agent X program. Deep in his heart, he is still the Midwestern farm boy who believes in the difference between right and wrong, and the obligation of every man to stand up against the evil in this world. When the heat turns up, John cools down, protecting America with humor and ingenuity and, perhaps, enjoying the danger more than he'd care to admit.

Gerald McRaney as Malcolm Millar
Officially, he is the stodgy Chief Steward of the Vice President's Residence. In reality, he is a silver-haired, dry-witted, poet warrior, working as Consiglieri to Natalie during her control of the Agent X program. A soldier's soldier, Malcolm believes the words 'honor,' 'duty,' and 'sacrifice,' are more than quaint notions from a bygone era. They are words to live and die by. This belief will be tested when ghosts from his past come back to haunt him.

John Shea as President Thomas Eckhart
Whether on the basketball court or in the Situation Room, Eckhart demands the best of himself and those around him. Although a compassionate man, he is also capable of making the hard, sometimes cruel decisions required of a leader. As a former Vice President – and thus, John Case's last boss – Eckhart is fully aware of the Agent X brotherhood and often longs for the freedom of unilateral action he enjoyed during his tenure in the VP's office. Occasionally, he tries to influence Natalie's Agent X decisions through subtext and nuanced intimidation.

James Earl Jones as Chief Justice Caleb Thorne
Caleb cut his teeth as a civil liberties attorney in Mississippi, fighting for justice during one of America's darkest hours. A hothead in his youth, Thorne has cooled to a zen-like calm in his old age, keeping a steady hand on our country's scales of justice. Caleb is one of the few initiates into the Agent X program -- as Chief Justice, he is guardian of all the laws of our land, including the secret version of the Constitution containing the Agent X provision. In many ways, Thorne will be Natalie's Prospero, an omniscient and powerful force in the D.C. netherworld, who proves an invaluable ally in times of need.

Mike Colter as Speaker of The House Miles Latham
Machiavellian and charismatic, Miles is a formidable political force in D.C. Not content to be the first African American Speaker of the House, his quest for power extends into the shadow world of our nation's government.To Natalie, Miles is a dangerous frenemy -- helping her when it serves him, but undermining her when it is to his advantage.

Jamey Sheridan as FBI Director Edwin Stanton
Relentless, earnest and possessing a feral intelligence – Stanton is ideally suited to be our nation's top cop. Although a bully at times, he is always America's bully, doggedly pursuing criminals until he captures or kills them. A man of hard edges, he has a soft side for his family, particularly his daughter, Missy, who somehow knows how to tame the beast inside her father.