CBS Sports and Turner Sports Exclusive Coverage of the 2015 NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Championship Tips Off March 17


Turner Sports and CBS Sports’ exclusive coverage of the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship will tip off with the NCAA First Four™ on truTV presented by Northwestern Mutual on Tuesday, March 17, and Wednesday, March 18 (6 p.m. ET; both days). Second round game coverage will begin Thursday, March 19, and Friday, March 20 (Noon-Midnight; both days) with all 67 games available live in their entirety across four national television networks – TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV – and via NCAA March Madness Live. Additionally, truTV will televise a one-hour pregame show Thursday and Friday at 11 a.m.

Following are the tip times and commentator assignments for the first and second round games. Tip times for the third round games on Saturday will be announced on Thursday after the conclusion of the day’s games. Sunday’s tip times will be released after the conclusion of play on Friday.

The Final Four on Saturday, April 4, will be televised on TBS along with “TeamCasts” or team-specific telecasts airing on TNT and truTV.  The National Championship Game on Monday, April 6, will air on CBS. 

First Round Games

Tuesday, March 17


Tip ET       Network Site                 Game                                Play-by-Play/Analyst/Reporter

6:40 p.m.     tru TV     Dayton I        Manhattan vs. Hampton    Brian Anderson/Steve Smith//Lewis Johnson


After conc1  truTV      Dayton II         BYU vs. Ole Miss                 Anderson/Smith//Johnson 


First Round Games

Wednesday, March 18


6:40 p.m.      tru TV      Dayton I       North Florida vs. Robert Morris    Ian Eagle/Doug Gottlieb//Evan Washburn


After conc. I  truTV        Dayton II       Boise State vs. Dayton                 Eagle/Gottlieb//Washburn 


Second Round Games

Thursday Afternoon, March 19 (Noon- 6 p.m. ET)


Tip ET     Network     Site              Game                                    Play-by-Play/Analyst/Reporter

12:15 p.m.   CBS        Pittsburgh I   Notre Dame vs. Northeastern   Brian Anderson/Steve Smith//

                                                                                                         Lewis Johnson


12:40 p.m.  truTV        Louisville I       Iowa State vs. UAB            Verne Lundquist/Jim Spanarkel//

                                                                                                      Allie LaForce


1:40 p.m.     TBS         Jacksonville I   Baylor vs. Georgia State           Andrew Catalon/Steve Lappas//Jamie Erdahl


2:10 p.m.     TNT        Portland I        Arizona vs. Texas Southern       Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan       

                                                       Bonner/Rachel Nichols


After conc. I CBS         Pittsburgh II     Butler vs. Texas                       Anderson/Smith//Johnson


After conc. I  truTV     Louisville II       SMU vs. UCLA                         Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce


After conc. I  TBS       Jacksonville II     Xavier vs. BYU/Ole Miss         Catalon/Lappas//Erdahl


After conc. I   TNT     Portland II           VCU vs. Ohio State                 Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Nichols


Second Round Games

Thursday Evening, March 19 (6:30 p.m. ET-Midnight)

(Announce Teams Same as Day Games)


Tip ET     Network     Site              Game                                    Play-by-Play/Analyst/Reporter

6:50 p.m.    TBS          Pittsburgh III   Villanova vs. Lafayette           Anderson/Smith//Johnson


7:10 p.m.    CBS           Louisville III    Cincinnati vs. Purdue            Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce


7:20 p.m.    TNT          Jacksonville III    North Carolina vs. Harvard   Catalon/Lappas//Erdahl


7:27 p.m.     truTV       Portland III      Utah vs. Stephen F. Austin     Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Nichols


After conc. III  TBS       Pittsburgh IV      N.C. State vs. LSU               Anderson/Smith//Johnson


After conc. III  CBS      Louisville IV    Kentucky vs. Hampton/Manhattan  Lundquist/Spanarkel//LaForce


After conc. III   TNT     Jacksonville IV    Arkansas vs. Wofford                Catalon/Lappas//Erdahl


After conc. III    truTV   Portland IV    Georgetown vs. Eastern Washington   Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Nichols

Second Round Games

Friday Afternoon, March 20 (Noon-6 p.m. ET)


Tip ET     Network     Site              Game                                    Play-by-Play/Analyst/Reporter

12:15 p.m.   CBS         Omaha I       Kansas vs. New Mexico St.         Marv Albert/Chris Webber/Len Elmore//

                                                                                                         Craig Sager


12:40 p.m.   truTV       Charlotte I     Michigan State vs. Georgia        Jim Nantz/Bill Raftery/Grant Hill//

                                                                                                         Tracy Wolfson


1:40 p.m.     TBS         Seattle I           Northern Iowa vs. Wyoming     Spero Dedes/Mike Gminski//Jaime Maggio


2:10 p.m.     TNT        Columbus I      West Virginia vs. Buffalo       Ian Eagle/Doug Gottlieb//Evan Washburn


After conc. I  CBS        Omaha II         Wichita State vs. Indiana        Albert/Webber/Elmore//Sager


After conc. I  truTV     Charlotte II      Virginia vs. Belmont               Nantz/Raftery/Hill//Wolfson


After conc. I   TBS      Seattle II          Louisville vs. UC Irvine             Dedes/Gminski//Maggio


After conc. I  TNT      Columbus II      Maryland vs. Valparaiso           Eagle/Gottlieb//Washburn

Second Round Games

Friday Evening, March 20 (6:30 p.m.-Midnight ET)

(Announce Teams Same as Day Games)


Tip ET     Network     Site              Game                                    Play-by-Play/Analyst/Reporter

6:50 p.m.   TBS           Omaha III        Oregon vs. Oklahoma St.       Albert/Webber/Elmore//Sager


7:10 p.m.    CBS           Charlotte III    Duke vs. North Florida/Robert Morris   Nantz/Raftery/Hill//Wolfson


7:20 p.m.    TNT         Seattle III         Iowa vs. Davidson                 Dedes/Gminski//Maggio


7:27 p.m.     truTV       Columbus III    Oklahoma vs. Albany           Eagle/Gottlieb//Washburn


After conc. III   TBS    Omaha IV     Wisconsin vs. Coastal Carolina   Albert/Webber/Elmore//Sager


After conc. III   CBS    Charlotte IV     San Diego State vs. St. John’s   Nantz/Raftery/Hill//Wolfson


After conc. III   TNT  Seattle IV         Gonaga vs. North Dakota St.      Dedes/Gminski//Maggio


After conc. III   truTV  Columbus IV   Providence vs. Boise State/Dayton   Eagle/Gottlieb//Washburn


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