Special week of daily reports from December 1-5 at 9pm HKT

This month CNN goes ‘On the Road’ to Japan to explore the culture and tradition that make it unique and meet the trailblazers who are trying to push the country into the future.

Beginning on December 1, CNN senior international correspondent Paula Newton journeys across Japan in search of the country’s past, present and future. At a time when Japan faces an uncertain future and experts question how successful Prime Minister Abe’s economic reboot has really been, all eyes are on what Japan will do next.

CNN first goes to Kyoto's machiya, or traditional wooden town houses. CNN meets two of Kyoto's pioneers of preservation, where its scenery has been demolished in exchange for modern comforts.

Japan is the home of sushi and sake, but Japanese whisky is now stealing the show around the globe. From the distillery to the curious practice of carving perfectly round ice balls, CNN travels to the roots of Japan's whisky industry to learn more about the art behind Japan's latest booming export.

At just three square miles, tiny Naoshima Island is unlike anywhere else in Japan. A living contemporary art museum, Japan's art island is all about rejuvenating the senses and reinvigorating the mind, but the real value of the art lies in how it has transformed a once dying island. 

While Japan is trying to revive its economy, women are on the rise to take part of its reboot plan. From construction to agriculture, women are now taking on roles traditionally held by men. CNN explores how women in business are challenging traditional norms and helping push Japan's economy into the future.

CNN then goes inside one of Japan's most celebrated Taiko Drum groups. It is a modern art that has roots deep in Japanese history and religious tradition, and for some, it is much more than a musical instrument: it's a way of life.

‘On the Road Japan’ daily reports will air on December 1-5 during CNN’s news show News Stream, and is culminating in a 30-minute special at the end of the week. Digital content will also be available via

Airtimes for daily coverage (Hong Kong/ Beijing/ Taipei/ Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur/ Manila):

‘On the Road Japan’ airs on December 1-5 during CNN’s News Stream at 2100

Airtimes for the 30-minute special (Hong Kong/ Beijing/ Taipei/ Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur/ Manila):

Friday December 5 at 1830

Saturday December 6 at 0030, 2230

Monday December 8 at 1230, 1730

CNN's ‘On the Road’ series explores the culture, heritage and customs of countries across the world. From popular culture and cuisine to design, innovation and technology, we highlight the qualities and attitudes that make each country unique.  

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