Falling Skies Season 5 Character Descriptions


Tom Mason
Noah Wyle

A former history professor from Cambridge, Mass., Tom Mason uses his extensive knowledge of military tactics and natural leadership to aid the resistance.  Over the course of war, Tom’s diplomacy and intelligence have brought him respect from from his alies and fear from his enemies.  Tom balances the roles of a leader, a fighter and most importantly, as a husband and father, as he discovers his inner warrior en route to the final battle against the Espheni invaders. 

Anne Glass-Mason
Moon Bloodgood

A former pediatrician turned War Doctor, Anne Mason serve the 2nd Mass not only medically, but also as a skilled fighter.  Along with being Tom’s wife and partner, Anne acts as a maternal figure to his sons: Hal, Ben, and Matt.  Anne suffered not only the loss of her first child before the war, but also the loss of her and Tom’s human/alien hybrid daughter, Lexi.

Colonel Weaver
Will Patton

Weaver is a tough rattlesnake of a soldier with a no-nonsense attitude. He has little patience for babysitting civilians.  Promoted to Colonel of the 2nd Mass, Weaver puts his military skills and experience to good use while maintaining his close relationship to Tom.  Weaver has suffered significant personal loss with the death of his family, most recently his daughter, Jenny.

Drew Roy

Tom’s oldest son, Hal, has made his father proud by growing quickly into manhood after the invasion. Although Hal can be impulsive under fire, he proves himself both brave and confident in the field. His romantic ties with Maggie continue to be tested.

Connor Jessup

Tom’s middle son, Ben, although rescued from the aliens, retained super-human abilities due to “spikes” too dangerous to remove.  Seen first as a threat to the 2nd Mass, he soon showed promise as a strong, fast, and capable fighter.  He and Hal find themselves in competition for the same love interest, Maggie.

Maxim Knight

Tom’s youngest son, Matt, has been forced by circumstances of loss, upheaval, and war to grow up quicker than most.  Desperately wanting a greater role in the resistance, Matt is now fighting on the front lines with his family and the 2nd Mass. 


Mpho Koaho

Anthony is a top fighter in the 2nd Mass and a close friend to the Mason Family. He is a crack shot with a rifle and always eager to volunteer for even the most dangerous missions.  Anthony seemingly deals well with the pressures of war, but everyone has a limit.


John Pope
Colin Cunningham

Pope is the troublemaker of the 2nd Mass, whose often unpredictable ways enevitably benefit the group.  Never feeling completely connected to the 2nd Mass he tends to stray.  Only time will tell where his loyalties lie as the fight against the enemy continues to escalate. 

Sarah Carter

Maggie is an invaluable member of the 2nd Mass who’s always on the front lines.  After a serious accident she received alien “spikes” from Ben to save her life.  Since receiving the spikes a tangled love-triangle between Hal and Ben has developed.  Loyal to the end, Maggie will always protect those she loves.

Doug Jones

Cochise is an alien ally who leads an advanced squad of aliens that help the humans fight against the enemy.  Cochise has formed a close relationship with Tom, the Mason Family, and the 2nd Mass.