Illeana Douglas

Award-winning actress, writer and director Illeana Douglas is the granddaughter of two-time Academy Award-winning actor Melvyn Douglas. She’s had memorable performances in Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991), To Die For (1995), Grace of My Heart (1996), Picture Perfect (1997) and Ghost World (2001). Current films include She’s Funny That Way (2014), Late Bloomer (2016) and Unleashed (2016). On TV, Illeana received an Emmy nomination as Angela on Six Feet Under. She’s had recurring roles on Entourage, Chasing Life and Welcome to Sweden. She is currently the executive producer and costar in the Refinery-29 web-series The Skinny.

As a writer/director, Illeana created and starred in the multi award-winning web-series Easy to Assemble for IKEA. She wrote, directed and starred in the short films The Perfect Woman (1993), Devil Talk (2003), Soulmates (2011), Supermarket (2004) and Boy Crazy, Girl Crazier (1996), as well as produced and directed the documentary Everybody Just Stay Calm (1994) for the IFC Network. She executive produced films Life Without Dick (2002), Kingdom Come (2011), Chez Upshaw (2013), and produced and starred in the pilots Confessions of a Movie Lover for IFC, Illeanarama for the Oxygen network and Celebrity Garage Sale for A&E.

Illeana is currently the host of Turner Classic Movies series Trailblazing Women.

Her best selling book I Blame Dennis Hopper was named by Entertainment Weekly: Best Books Of 2015 “More than a memoir, this book is a love story–It’s Douglas’ head-over-heels madness for the movies that illuminates the text like a projector bulb through a filmstrip”.