Kristen Li

Kristen Li is an actress, singer and athlete. She’s known for her work on Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls as the voice of Bubbles. Li’s credits also include Nicky, Ricky, Dickey, and Dawn, Broken Age, Monsters University, Cuties, Days of Our Lives, and The Mis-Informant – with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman.

She was born in Chicago, Illinois as Kristen Sarkisian, born to an Armenian, Italian and German father and Korean mother. By the age of four, Li started modeling and booked her first commercial. She was a competitive figure skater for over nine years, on track to compete for the Olympics, and now enjoys skating as a fun activity.

Li also does Tae Kwon Do at Jun Chong Martial Arts, currently a green-white stripe. She also loves riding her skateboard, playing tennis, basketball and flag football. Li loves to sing a variety of music. Some of her favorite artists are Dean Martin, Harry Chapin, Michael Jackson, Adele, Christina Aguilera and Eminem.