He is one of the most successful casino and hotel developers in the world, with a name synonymous with luxury and entertainment. Ten years after the opening of the first Wynn casino in Asia, the man often credited with reinventing the Las Vegas Strip has unveiled his latest project in the gambling capital of the region, Macau.

This month on 'Talk Asia', CNN International correspondent Mallika Kapur sits down in Macau with Steve Wynn, the Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts at the opening of the Wynn Palace. Opened in August, the luxury casino resort boasts the same Wynn qualities that have boosted and kept the brand at the top of the casino game for decades. Just as the Mirage did for Las Vegas, he is hoping the Wynn Palace will act as a turning point for Macau.
From stories of his childhood to defeating personal inconveniences, Steve Wynn reveals the stories and thoughts that have helped him build the business empire of Wynn.

Highlights from the interview:

On what accessible luxury means:
Steve Wynn: “The building is expensive to do. But, it’s built for everybody, it’s built for people of every stripe, every economic level so they can all enjoy it. We have food and beverage outlets that are very reasonably priced. Of course if you want to have the ultimate cuisine or you want to drink more expensive and ported wine, there’s a place for that. More than one actually. But our rooms, as extravagant and as luxurious as they are, are priced reasonable. Can you get ultimate luxury at a price that is affordable? That’s what we tried to do. Is to be able to keep the ratio within the reach of regular folks. And hopefully they’ll all come to appreciate it, and it’ll be a successful place and be populated.”

On why he is investing in Macau:
Steve Wynn: “When you talk about short term change or short term change in China, what about the changes in the United States? The confusion, the frustration, that marks my country? China is tranquil by comparison. The government of China is a meritocracy, tends to promote the smartest people within it, upward. So in the long run, I think they get it. They do the right thing. In fact, they struggle short term and try and make adjustments, any rational human being would do that, as a group or as an individual. My job is to keep my organization flexible. Not losing sight of the big picture.”

On how Macau can be a place like Las Vegas:
Steve Wynn: “Wynn Palace is such a place. If Mirage or Bellagio could be defined as turning points for the city, Wynn Palace is at least that or more. Never ever have we ever built a place of this scope, oh no, this is the best job we have ever done. And, thank god that we had the opportunity to do it. This has been six and a half years; those other places take 4.”

On comparisons between him and Donald Trump:
Steve Wynn: “Most people I know that are successful have a few things in common that are undeniable. Driving ambition, and they are applied to something they’re good at, that they love doing. And they are fun to be around especially when they are talking about their passion. Donald Trump is a guy who accomplished some remarkable things with his brand. This guy is a character.”

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