Sydney, February 2016: With the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS product line, the LEGO Group has launched a new play concept that links the digital gaming experience with that of physical playing. Connected to a futuristic knight sotry that is based on three pillars – classic LEGO building sets, varied content around the story and a game app – the product world offers children six years and up an entirely new playing experience.

Scannnable NEXO shields which can be found at various NEXO KNIGHTS touch points, e.g.: the building sets or a TV series hold together the three components. By scanning the shields, digital NEXO powers are activated in the age-appropriate app. Using these powers, children can help the five young, brave NEXO KNIGHTS defend the kingdom of Knighton against the evil Jestro and a horde of lava monsters. The knights of the future are led by Merlok 2.0. a digital magician who assists the NEXO KNIGHTS heroes in their adventures.

Inspired by the needs and wishes of children for new digital game experiences, the LEGO Group has developed a futuristic playing world around five knights of the future. “LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS” offers children the rewarding LEGO building experiences they know and love, while adding digital elements which allow for deeper engagement with the story’s characters and gameplay.”

The LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS play concept offers children the possibility to link digital gaming and physical play, thereby opening up an entirely new playing experience – no matter whether they are getting immersed in the story with the building set or jumping in directly with the app.

Furthermore, the TV-series ‘NEXO KNIGHTS – Knights of Future Technology’ contains exciting stories about five heroes. The episodes will be broadcasted locally on Cartoon Network from February 2016.

Digital LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS playing experience
The age-appropriate LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOCK 2.0 App forms the digital component of the new play concept. It encourages children to focus on searching for the over 170 NEXO shields in digital form (e.g. in videos on and in the TV series), in print (such as in magazines, books and in stores) or on LEGO elements in the new building set. By scanning the shields in the real world, children activate the new NEXO powers in the digital game.
In the intuitive, story-driven app game, the powers help the virtual knights to protect the kingdom of Knighton. The app will be available for free starting late December in the App Store, on Google Play, in the Samsung App Store and in the Amazon App Store. The childproof app has no possibilities for in-app purchases and disclosure of personal data.

Classic LEGO building fun
Starting February 2016, children aged from six years and up will be able to reconstruct the futuristic story around the five knights of the future with 15 LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS sets. A whole lot of details and transformation functions provide classic LEGO building and playing fun. Young fans of the NEXO KNIGHTS will furthermore find several opportunities to scan shields in all the products, which can be used to activate additional NEXO powers in the app.

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