The Librarians Season 3 Character Descriptions

Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen
Both quick-witted and fast on his feet, perpetual scholar Flynn Carsen was destined to become The Librarian. With over twenty degrees under his belt, Flynn must use his extensive knowledge to investigate magical occurrences across the globe and acquire mysterious and mythological artifacts for the Library's collection, all while saving the world from supernatural threats. When it comes to interpersonal skills, Flynn is charming, but slightly awkward. Although he's not as much of a loner as he used to be, he's still having trouble working as a team with the Library's newest recruits, including his beautiful Guardian and now romantic companion, Colonel Eve Baird. 

Rebecca Romijn as Colonel Eve Baird
Until the Library recruited her, Colonel Baird was the leader of a counter-terrorism squad for NATO. She's a tough-as-nails soldier with a brilliant tactical mind. Now, she puts her military background to use as the Library's Guardian, charged with protecting Flynn and the newest Librarians as they set out on their harrowing adventures. The world of magic is new to Baird, and she often finds herself awestruck – and annoyed – by the mysteries her team uncovers. She's also won over by Flynn's brilliance and must balance their now romantic relationship with her fundamental job of protecting him and the rest of the team. 

Christian Kane as Jacob Stone
Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jacob Stone has spent his entire life trying to fit in with the cowboys he works alongside over at the oil pipeline. But the truth is, Stone is a genius when it comes to art, architecture and history. He is the perfect mix of brains and brawn and is equally skilled at analyzing a Bernini as he is at cracking heads in a bar-brawl.

Lindy Booth as Cassandra Cillian
As far back as Cassandra can remember, she's always been smart, gifted with a photographic memory and incredible calculating skills supported by the gift of synesthesia — the ability to link all five senses to her memory. For Cassandra, numbers appear as colors, science as musical notes, and when she does math she smells things…mostly breakfast. After a life-threatening tumor began metastasizing inside her brain, her gift became more of a curse, overwhelming her with hallucinations associated with her synesthesia. But now, Cassandra is learning to gain control over her incredible abilities to further unearth the mysteries of science and magic before her time finally runs out.

John Harlan Kim as Ezekiel Jones
Easily the most morally corrupted of the Library's new recruits, Ezekiel Jones is a world-class thief who looks out for one person and one person alone: Ezekiel Jones. He often comes in handy when the Librarians need to get into an impossibly secure area or out of a tight jam. Ezekiel loves the thrill of adventure and is always up for a good challenge, but he is still learning how to work with his fellow Librarians and hopefully become the leader Baird believes he can be. 

John Larroquette as Jenkins
Jenkins is the reclusive caretaker of the Library's sleepy little Annex in Portland, Oregon. He's a bit of a hermit by nature and would be more than happy to spend his days holed up in his Magic Lab tinkering away on gadgets. Suffice it to say, Jenkins is not pleased when Flynn, Baird and the rest of the Librarians show up at his doorstep looking to set up their new base of operations in his once quiet sanctuary.  But now that his secret is out — he is the immortal Knight of the Round Table, Galahad — Jenkins finds his heroic instincts returning, and although he's still cantankerous, he has grown to accept and even embrace his new team members.