Lucky Yates

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Who is this idiot, and why is he telling me about the movie I’m about to watch?”, then you’ve stumbled onto Lucky Yates. Born in Detroit in the late 1960’s, Lucky spent his entire childhood watching as many old movies as he could get his tiny little Lithuanian eyeballs on. Detroit in the 1970’s was a wonderful place for tv movie hosts. Weekday afternoons with Bill Kennedy At The Movies, Saturday mornings with Sir Graves Ghastly, and Saturday nights with Cleveland’s own The Ghoul, the Motor City airwaves were a constant stream of Hollywood classics.

Lil’ Lucky watched them all.

Branded a no-good tv addict and vidiot, Lucky’s parents eventually kicked him out of the house so that he could attend Detroit’s prestigious* Wayne State University to study acting.

After a successful college career trotting the boards, Lucky did the requisite “living in NY, LA, and bouncing around the country” thing before finally landing in Atlanta GA. Finding plenty of great opportunities that fit his unorthodox style, Lucky fell in love with the Jewel Of The South and eventually hooked up with Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in 1997. He still performs improv comedy and original scripted works there today. He also found work at Atlanta’s Center For Puppetry Arts, where he discovered his true artistic passion, puppetry. Taking to puppetry quicker than he took to acting, Lucky was cast in the Sesame Street movie Elmo In Grouchland (as Matt Yates) while shooting a Spanish language puppet show called Salsa for PBS. Puppetry and improv comedy led to him being cast on the hit Food Network show Good Eats with Alton Brown, whom Lucky still works with on puppet and food related projects. Dad’s Garage also opened the door for Lucky to land a job on the Adult Swim show Frisky Dingo, playing X-tacle 1.

Then came Archer, the hit animated show on FX. Realizing that Lucky was a science loving weirdo with a voice of bronze, the producers cast him as Dr. Algernop Krieger, also a science loving weirdo with a voice of bronze. Coincidence?
And now Lucky is right where he feels he belongs the most, hosting old movies and being a “somebody”. He’s absolutely thrilled to be a part of the FilmStruck Family and hopes you’ll love watching old movies as much as he does.

*WSU is not “prestigious”. At all.