NBA TVs Critically Acclaimed Open Court Features Wide-Ranging, Multi-Topic Format in All-New Episode on Monday, June 15, at 11 p.m. ET on NBA TV


NBA Greats Discuss Their Passion in Pursuit of Championships, the Pros and Cons of AAU Basketball and Stories From Their Playing Days During Hour-Long Roundtable Show


NBA TV’s critically acclaimed Open Court returns with an all-new “Choose Your Topic” episode on Monday, June 15, at 11 p.m. ET. The wide-ranging hour-long episode gives the cast of NBA greats an opportunity to discuss topics of their choosing surrounding the game – both on and off the court.  The panel covers everything from their first memories of seeing each other play to the business of being traded, as well as their funniest teammates.

Open Court’s “Choose Your Topic” episode is hosted by Ernie Johnson with Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, seven-time NBA All-Star Hill, five-time NBA All-Star Chris Webber, NBA champion Steve Smith and 11-year NBA veteran Dennis Scott. 

Excerpts from the “Choose Your Topic” episode of Open Court:

Dennis Scott on attending his first NBA game: “We all dreamed about going to the NBA, but until you actually see it and touch it and feel it, see the media surrounding the game and the teams come out onto the floor…you realize this is where grown men play together. I said, ‘Yea, I think I want a piece of this.”

Grant Hill on his funniest teammate: “I played for 19 years and you come across a lot of characters, but for me, hands down, it was Shaquille O’Neal. He would come to practice every day thinking how can I make everybody laugh?”

Chris Webber on the impact Isiah Thomas had on his neighborhood growing up in Detroit: “He came over to a bad neighborhood and took the time to talk to us, not about basketball. The most important thing we got out of it was we are important enough for the most important man in Detroit to come sit and talk to us. I’m just as valuable as he is; I’m just as important as he is; I’m just as much as a man as he is…now let me go act like it. Everyone left with their chest up that day.”

Hill on the bond shared by NBA teammates: “People don’t understand the bond and the sense of family in [an NBA] locker room. There is a brotherhood that is hard to describe. You spend every day with each other, flying to games, in practice and eating dinner on the road. There is a fraternity, and when someone is traded, instantly your relationship with that person changes. You no longer see them every day. What goes on in that locker room, the dynamics, relationships and roles, is hugely successful to a team.”


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