New CNN affiliate launches in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia

N1, the first regional twenty four hour news channel and exclusive CNN news channel affiliate for the Adria region, started broadcasting on October 30th. The news portal was launched at the same time as the N1 TV channel, along with IOS, Android and Windows applications.

“By launching N1 news channel with centers in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo we plan to raise the bar in the news production sector high, and as an exclusive CNN affiliate in the region, start to conquer the regional media space. Our goal is ambitious, and we’re aiming to soon become the first source of information for citizens in the whole region. “- stated Ivana Mikovic, CEO of N1.

Each of the three centers has its own editorial policy, journalists, TV studio, web and mobile platform. All three studios produce three separate contents, which are merged into one regional program when it comes to information of interest for the audience in all three countries.

As an exclusive CNN affiliate for the region, N1 is able to broadcast CNN programs it considers to be relevant for the viewers in the region. At the same time, this cooperation gives CNN access to N1’s reporting and news material from across the region.

In its team, N1 gathered media professionals with many years of experience in local and international media corporations. Among them are Brent Sadler, former CNN journalist, now Director of the Editorial Board at N1, and Zoran Stevanovic, Program Director for the region with many years of experience on CNN.

“We are delighted that N1 is launching to provide a compelling news offering to the region, and in doing so joining CNN’s network of over 1,100 worldwide affiliates,” said Greg Beitchman, Vice President, Content and Partnerships, CNN International. “N1 will be set apart from its competitors through the consulting, training and content solutions that CNN is providing. This unrivalled mix of services and expertise is key to CNN International Commercial Group’s strategy of forming mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of local and regional news organizations all over the world.”

Head of the Belgrade team is Jugoslav Cosic, Program Director for Serbia and editor and presenter of political talk-show program Pressing, who emphasized how pleased he is to have the opportunity to work with a team of top journalists and editors: 

Our editorial offices in all three production centers are composed of journalists with extraordinary reporting and editorial profiles, and our goal is an objective and comprehensive approach to reporting. That is the biggest challenge for all of us. The program will be focused on news, and in addition to that, we’re preparing a morning program, entertainment and talk shows, N1 serials, as well as foreign documentaries.” – stated Jugoslav Cosic.

Members of the N1 team are Maja Zezelj, who will be doing Dnevnik (News) with a team of distinguished journalists among which are Maja Dragic, Milan Saric, Branislav Sovljanski and others, as well as Minja Miletic, who will present Novi dan (New Day) – morning program, Igor Bozic, Tanja  Veselinovic, Voja Stevanovic and many others.