Oh my glob! Adventure Time gets three dimensional in the first-ever stop motion episode “BAD JUBIES”

Premieres Monday 30th May 2016 at 9am on Cartoon Network!

“Bad Jubies” begins with a catastrophic storm headed straight for The Grasslands in the Land of Ooo.  As Finn, Lumpy Space Princess and BMO prepare to build an underground bunker to take shelter from what the storm alert is calling a “mega-deadly thunderquake disasterstorm” with a “29% survival rate”, Jake has other ideas and sets off to make plans of his own.

Written and directed by guest-filmmaker Kirsten Lepore, Adventure Time’s first-ever stop-motion episode “Bad Jubies” brings the beloved characters from the series to life in three dimensions, giving them a weight and texture fans have never seen before. 

Catch Adventure Time’s first-ever stop-motion episode “Bad Jubies” on Monday 30th May at 9am 2016 on Cartoon Network, guest-directed by Kirsten Lepore.