People of Earth Character Descriptions

People of Earth

Character Descriptions

OZZIE GRAHAM - A seasoned and respected New York journalist, Ozzie’s life has been a whirlwind since joining StarCrossed. He went from being a skeptic looking for answers about a mysterious experience to finding out he may have been on a spaceship as a child. In hopes of uncovering the truth, Ozzie attempts to get StarCrossed back together, and then make contact with Jonathan Walsh, who he believes may be an alien.

JONATHAN WALSH - The former CEO of Glint Enterprises (and Ozzie’s previous employer), Jonathan Walsh is a Reptilian alien disguised as a human. After refusing the order to kill Ozzie, he’s persona non grata to the Reptilians. And now the FBI is after him for white collar crimes. Walsh needs to contact Ozzie and figure out how to blow the whistle on the alien agenda.

GINA MORRISON - Gina is the leader and co-founder of the StarCrossed support group. After helping Ozzie uncover abduction memories (evidence that the group was on a spaceship together as kids) Gina has a lot of work ahead of her to help the group process this new information. That is, if she and Ozzie can convince StarCrossed to get back together.

GERARD “GERRY” JOHNSON -  Beacon’s self-proclaimed “alientologist” and StarCrossed’s co-founder, Gerry is the ultimate alien fanboy -- enthusiastic about all things alien and all things StarCrossed. And now, after hoping for it his entire life, Gerry has finally realized his dream of being abducted. He is officially an experiencer. However, his abduction might cause problems for his relationship with Yvonne.

RICHARD SCHULTZ -  A mild-mannered VP at a company that makes jacks for Ethernet cables, and a rabid Reptilian conspiracy theorist. Richard blames the Reptilians for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. After watching Nancy explode and catching a glimpse of Walsh’s reptilian face, Richard is a shell of his former self. He hides out at Margaret’s retirement community away from the rest of the world -- and the Reptilians who could be behind any human face he meets.

KELLY GRADY - A millennial with no direction, Kelly’s on a quest to find herself. After a disastrous trip to Iceland with Don, Kelly is heartbroken. With the help of the group, she channels her pain into a variety of new endeavors on a path to self-discovery.

CHELSEA WHEELER - Chelsea is in an unhappy marriage. Ignored by her cheating husband, Chelsea turns to Father Doug for a shoulder to cry on. Their budding friendship turns romantic. Chelsea must decide whether to stay in her marriage or risk falling in love with a priest.

FATHER DOUG - Father Doug, the pastor at Our Lady of Sorrow, was doing just fine until StarCrossed shook things up at his sleepy church. Now he is torn between the vows he made as a priest and his growing feelings for Chelsea. The priesthood is the only life Doug has known, but now he wonders if he’s being called to something new.

YVONNE WATSON - As a postal worker, Yvonne thought she’d already seen all the weirdness the world could throw at her. That is, until a Reptilian broke into her home in the middle of the night. She decides to take a chance on love with Gerry. When he doesn’t show up for a date, Yvonne is left wondering if she made a mistake.

MARGARET FLOOD -  Margaret is having a renaissance. After losing her husband of many decades, Margaret had to start her life over as a single woman in a retirement community. As the most compassionate member of StarCrossed, she is always open, supportive, and ready to give tips learned from her wilder days back in the 1970s.

ERIC - Eric is the new boss on the ship. As part of a merger between two alliances, he’s been sent there to whip the crew into shape and assess their mission. He’s also a hovering Cube who espouses corporate messages about “teamwork.”

JEFF THE GREY - Jeff is one-third of an alien team that abducts humans to gather intel about their planet and species. He is not the easiest coworker to get along with. Snappy, sardonic, and self-serving, he makes life harder than it needs to be for his cohorts. He doesn’t respect humans at all and is looking forward to their annihilation. Eric blames Jeff for everything going wrong with the mission.

DON THE WHITE - Don is more interested in the human race than he is about ruling the human race.  He’s gentle and compassionate… which makes him a great target for Jeff and Kurt’s jokes. But after meeting Kelly during one of his visitations, he breaks a cardinal rule -- that an alien should not have feelings for a subject. He poses as a human to be closer to Kelly, and can’t stop himself from falling in love with her.

NANCY - Nancy lives among the humans, but is really a robot. She is also Jonathan Walsh’s assistant. She’s literally in pieces following an explosion, but she’s always at the ready to help Walsh. Even if it means going on the lam and hiding out in Beacon while Walsh puts her back together.