Turner Aligns with Canvs to Power Social Media Emotional Measurement for Company’s Branded Content Partnerships

Canvs, the technology platform that measures and interprets emotions, today announced a partnership with global media company Turner to help power its new social insights and activation tool Launchpad, which allows Turner to create and launch content into social, with maximum effectiveness. As part of the announcement, Canvs introduced its new advanced emotional connection analytics, which gives Turner and other media companies a real-time view into how branded content performs and resonates with viewers. The update comes on the heels of Canvs launching analytics products for Facebook and YouTube channels.

Launchpad is a tool that allows Turner the ability to create and launch content into social, with maximum effectiveness. This first-of-its-kind tool is comprised of social insights, real-time analytics and big data visualization that informs the creation and distribution of the content. As part of that multi-partner ecosystem, Canvs helps Turner identify groups of like-minded users, sorts them by topics they care about, and then presents them with content that resonates most with them. 

In aligning with Canvs’ proprietary qualitative analytics platform, the company can now uncover the Emotional Reactions surrounding specific characters, plotlines and moments — mapping the emotionally-charged reactions to 56 unique emotion categories including “love,” “funny,” “annoying,” “beautiful,” “exciting” and more. As such, Canvs is a critical component in how Turner delivers guaranteed value to its advertising partners, among the audiences that care most about.

"We've cracked the nut on viewer emotionality surrounding content, and we're glad Turner sees the value in leveraging Canvs insights to deliver content and facilitate brand experiences that viewers welcome," said Jared Feldman, founder and CEO at Canvs. “Leveraging real-time Emotional Reactions will help Turner’s brand partners identify and market to groups of like-minded fans when they’re still emotionally-charged and rallied around a particular topic or piece of content.”

"When people are emotionally involved with content they are more inclined to share it on social media," said Frank Kavilanz, vice president of social, Turner Ignite. “By aligning with Canvs, we gain deeper understanding of the moments that trigger emotional reaction, providing our team the insight to react and promote branded content to the right audiences and unlock the full potential of a client’s social campaign."

Turner has successfully executed more than a dozen Launchpad campaigns to date, spanning categories that include technology, movie studios and gaming. As part of those activations, Turner utilizes Canvs to determine emotional share triggers to inform how content is launched into social, a unique benefit among current industry offerings; provide clients deeper emotional insights for their social campaigns; and identify emotional insights to better inform the creation of branded content that audiences will care about and want to socialize within their circle.

About Turner Ad Sales
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About Canvs
Canvs is a technology platform created to measure and interpret emotions. Built using social media listening research from MSI Young Marketing Scholar, Professor Sam Hui, Ph.D., the company’s proprietary social language interpreter technology understands millions of words used that are not yet formally defined or recognized anywhere else. Working with Sony Pictures, NBCU, Viacom and more, Canvs maps the emotional resonance of specific characters, plotlines and moments — mapping the emotionally charged reactions to 56 unique emotion categories including “love,” “dislike,” “annoying,” “beautiful,” “boring” and more. Canvs receives its Twitter data from Nielsen, which captures relevant Tweets from three hours before, during, and three hours after an episode's initial broadcast, local time. For more information, visit