Turner International announces launch of new gaming streaming service GLOUD

• Launches in two countries in Latin America – Argentina and Chile
• Cloud-based gaming set to revolutionise the industry

London, 12 December 2017: Turner International’s Digital Ventures & Innovation (DV&I) team today announces the launch of GLOUD, a gaming streaming service, which is set to revolutionise the industry by offering a simple, affordable and accessible quality gaming experience. It launches in Argentina and Chile initially with plans to launch it further across Latin America and later outside the region.

The new service allows people to play console-quality video games via streaming and on-demand without the need to have price prohibitive consoles, pay high prices for new games or having to download large files to a computer.

It is ideal for families and children, casual gamers and any fan of video games. To access GLOUD, users need just a computer with an internet connection and soon the service will be available on Smart TVs. All the game processing is done on GLOUD servers in the cloud, delivering a real-time gaming experience.

“Cloud-based gaming is the future of how people will consume video games. There’s no need to own expensive consoles, or store content on a device with limited space. With GLOUD all the user needs is an internet connection to be able to enjoy a high-end gaming experience,” said Aksel van der Wal, Executive Vice President, Digital Ventures & Innovation, Turner International. “At Turner, we take a fan-centric approach to everything we do and GLOUD does exactly that. It is an innovative service which is aligned to our remit at DV&I of developing new and innovative products and services to drive Turner forward. We are in an age of deep consumer engagement and GLOUD offers fans easy access to quality gaming content, anytime and anywhere they want it.”

GLOUD costs just $10 a month (plus tax) and users can start a game on one computer, and pick it up seamlessly on another as it is all stored in the cloud. Users will download a small application in Windows or on a Mac, open the app and then be able to access the continually refreshed library of games available in the service.

The catalogue of games includes many from main publishers, as well as some independent games of most genres – including racing, action, adventure, strategy and more.

GLOUD follows Turner EMEA and HBO Nordic’s recent launch of Toonix, a kids’ and family OTT service in the Nordic region, highlighting the desire to bring products to fans when they want it, how they want it and where they want it.


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